Commenting on his own post, serial anti-Semitic screed writer Richard Järnefelt manages to compound his gross errors by a factor of ten, as he sock puppets himself with yet another anti-Semitic rant against the Jewish state, then claims someone was using his computer, but he agrees with what was written. Is the man mentally ill or what?
Referring to the Tundra Tabloids’ original point, which he now accepts, that the EUMC does in fact have a working definition of anti-Semitism, he now tries to descredit it as a violation of his “free speech”. He blamed the Germans earlier for not being able to handle and accept their history, and now they are making the rest of the EU pay for their crimes. The guy is clueless.
This is not about free speech, but about racism towards Jews, and something which the TT is not seeking any judicial redress for, but only that the man would own up to his anti-Semitism apologize, and remove his nonsense from his website. It’s something which he refuses to do. If he continues to keep it up, the TT will not remove its pages pointing out his anti-Semitism which he now agrees with, proving that his original attempt at apologizing was a pack of lies.

1.) Post:

  • Ha hah haa, the Germans have managed to create a stupid document.
  • If Israel kills innocent civilians, then they’re doing just like the Nazis. It’s totally foolish if it isn’t stated.

2.) Post:

  • I agree with the writer who was using my computer.

The man is a howling loon. KGS

FROM THE COMMENTS: “KGS, I have to agree with you again. Somehow Mr. Järnefelt is adamant in comparing Israel to Nazis. His argument is that Israel killed innocent children like the Nazis did. But US, UK, French, Russian, Japanese and, yes, Finnish army killed innocent children. This does not differentiate the Nazi policies one bit from the rest of the world.
Why are the Nazis Nazis. Because they embarked on a racist genocide. This was the trademark and the basic ideology of Nazi Germany. With this Israel has no whatsoever resemblance. Actually Israel is the exact opposite to Nazi ideology because the major ideological feature was anti-Semitism.
Mr. Järnefelt is so obsessed in dehumanizing Israel that he seems totally unable to understand the basics of anti-Semitism. This does not bother him to demand that Germans be able to say freely Sieg Heil, but calling him anti-Semite, for which he provides ample evidence, irritates him.
If saying Sieg Heil is to Mr. Järnefelt’s opinion part of freedom of speech, calling him an anti-Semite is surely equally within the boundaries of freedom of speech.

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