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“I guess I offended many people’s feelings when I compared Israel to Nazi activities. The comparison was obviously inappropriate, and most certainly raised the grief among those group of people who have themselves experienced the horrors and persecution caused by the Nazis. My comparison was a primitive reaction because I got real angry when I read about the Palestinians’ water shortage.
There should be peace brought to the Middle East surely and quickly, so that the suffering for everybody would stop. In that sense, I proposed the occupation of Israel as well- therefore, I didn’t mean a hateful Nazi occupation and persecution, for example, but UN peacekeepers to put an end to this bloody conflict surging in the region. At the same time there should be of course, an occupation of Palestine and Lebanon.”

Then he goes on and on about how great of a humanitarian he is. Blech blech blech. Not good enough. No,…he’s not sorry for his anti-Semitism, no, still maintains that he did nothing wrong, and states that if the EUMC actually has a working defintion of it, then it’s due to the influence of the “stupid” Germans, who are still unable to bear and deal with their history

  • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
Järnefelt: “Dear KGS, I did not write my apologies because of you but because of some Jewish friends I was discussing with. Your attitude is more than bad, and therefore I am bringing your case first thing tomorrow to the Finnish Police.”
Yeah right, Mr.Guinness World Record holder, anti-Israel/Semites like yourself are unfortunately a dime a dozen, you cry crocodile tears over the weak hapless Jews, but hate the ones who dare to fight back.
I can think of nobody who has described Järnefelt´s and his fellow travellers’ twisted relationship to Jews better than Fiamma Nierenstein, some six years ago.  Read that one Järnefelt and then reserve some “quality time” for a bit of deeper reflection on your sordid views. KGS
NOTE: Until Järnefelt makes a proper apology, not the fake one he posted yesterday, then all of my posts about his anti-Semitic rant stay online.
By Fiamma Nirenstein
(Jewish World Review, July 15, 2003)
The Left blessed the Jews as the victim `par excellence,´ always a great partner in the struggle for the rights of the weak against the wicked. In return for being coddled, published, filmed, considered artists, intellectuals and moral judges, Jews, even during the Soviet anti-Semitic persecutions, gave the Left moral support and invited it to cry with them at Holocaust memorials.
Today the game is clearly over. The left has proved itself the real cradle of contemporary anti-Semitism.
When I speak about anti-Semitism, I’m not speaking of legitimate criticism of the State of Israel. I am speaking of pure anti-Semitism: Criminalization, stereotypes, specific and generic lies which have fluctuated between lies about the Jews (conspiring, blood thirsty, dominating the world) to lies about Israel (conspiring,
ruthlessly violent)….
The caricature of the evil Jew is transformed to the caricature of the evil state… Israel is an “unterstate”, denied the basic rights of every other state, to exist in honour and peace. The Jewish state is not equal. ….
There is the pre-Zionist definition of the Jewish people as one that suffers, has to suffer by nature, a people bound to bear the worst persecutions without even lifting a finger, and is, therefore, worthy of compassion and solidarity. And there is the well established, democratic, military powerful and economically prospering state of Israel, which is the antithesis of this stereotype. The “new Jew” that tries not to suffer, and that, above all, can and wants to defend himself, immediately loses all his charm in the eyes of the Left…
But the contradiction has become even ontologically unbearable: How can you cry with the survivors for Jews killed by Nazis when the living Jews are accused to be Nazi themselves?
Somebody on a European radio program said that after the diffusion of the images of Muhammed al Dura, Europe could finally forget the famous picture of the boy in the Warsaw ghetto with his hands raised. The meaning of this statement, often repeated in other forms, is obliteration of the Holocaust through the overlapping of Israel and Nazism, namely racism, genocide, ruthless elimination of civilians, women and children, an utterly unwarranted eruption of cruelty and the most brutal instincts…
We will have to say to them: when you lie or use prejudices and stereotypes about Israel and the Jews, you are an anti-Semite, and I’ll fight you. …
We must not be intimidated by the professors who tell us in their letter: “We have helped you poor Jews lacking everything, a non-existent nation, in the Diaspora and in Israel, to keep you alive. Without us you are nothing. And therefore be careful: if you continue with your treachery we’ll annihilate you. You don’t exist if you don’t know your place, and your place is nowhere.” They’ll say that it is a legitimate criticism about the State of Israel: the truth is that a big part of these criticisms are simply lies…
(B)etween the Jews and the Left there is a divorce that the latter does not want. The Left wants to continue being considered the paladin of good Jews. It pretends to continue mourning the Jews killed in the Holocaust, crying together with the Jews shoulder to shoulder. And it does so because this gives it the moral
authorization to go a second later and speak of the `atrocities´ of Israel. After writing about the “atrocities” of Israel, the good European leftist will talk to you with vivacity about the fascinating shtetl culture and the sweetness of Moroccan Jewish dishes. ”
NOTE: From the comment section. The TT’s dear friend Stefan weighs in:
Without analyzing Mr. Richard Järnefelts sincerity, of which I can have no knowledge of, I want to say a few words concerning the essence of his comments.
1. It is not about the Holocaust survivors feelings nor is it about the memory of the victims of Holocaust. It is simply about plain racism based on ignorance
2. Ignorance, because anybody using this correlation simply demonstrates either complete lack of knowledge and understanding of Holocaust or, worse, purposely commits distortion of the facts.
3. By using this comparison the person makes Israel the Jew among the nations. As if Israel was the only nation on this globe that has a historical connection to Nazi-Germany and, hence, has to learn the lesson. Not only were the Jews the victims, but, as a consequence, they must now show the world how to live up to the most stringent human right principles at the expense of their own safety.
4. After the Holocaust the Jews thought that they now finally have reached the same right as any other nation to protect themselves. The Holocaust comparison explicitly denies that right.
5. It is anti-Semitic because this comparison is not used for any other nation. Basically all other nations at any level of conflict today can be shown objectively to use more power than Israel for equivalent reasons or purposes. UN is involved in cruel fighting in Afghanistan but is never compared to Nazis.
6. It is anti-Semitic because Israel’s actions have nothing to do with racism (the fundamental Nazi thesis). One third of the Palestinian arabs lives within Israel proper and they enjoy all the same rights that Israeli Jews are entitled to. One should also realize that less than 5% of the non-Israeli Palestinian arabs live under Israeli administration. Palestinian arab population is not occupied by Israelis, some of their land may be.
7. Comparison of Israel to Nazis shows total ignorance of the blatant anti-Semitism extending over the entire Muslim world. While no racist motive can be shown in Israel’s actions, it is one of the leading motives in the Islamic view concerning Israel.
8. So Mr. Järnefelt would be best advised to make a much deeper analysis of the facts. Mr. Järnefelt should also realize that the Jews have passed the issue of hurt feelings way back in the history. After over a millennia of the European experience, the Jews finally want equality among nations (which has not been reached yet).
So, please, do not use the Holocaust to take away the little progress that has been reached in fighting anti-Semitism.

Then there is the TT’s good friend and colleague: There is NO Santa Claus:

Jarnefelt’s comment that Israel should be occupied by UN peacekeepers is no less anti-Semitic than his Nazi anaolgy. First of all, occupation by UN peacekeepers is a DIRECT violation of Israel’s sovereignty. Moreover, the UN’s record on protecting Jews is not good (and that’s about as nice as I can put it).
We presently have an armored UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon with the express mission of disarming Hezbollah. Not only did this UN force fail to lift a finger to disarm Hezbollah, it did nothing as Hezbollah re-armed after the 2006 resolution put the peacekeeping force in place.
Jarnefelt is just another European who wants to put UN “peacekeepers” in Israel so the Arabs can attack Jews with impunity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or master pianist) to figure that out.
Too bad he’s not as interested in putting UN peacekeepers in Somalia where pirates are disrupting commercial shipping. Too bad he’s not interested in putting UN peacekeepers in Darfur. Too bad he’s not anxious to put UN peacekeepers in Iraq or Afghanistan.
So let’s dispense with the political correctness. The man hates the Jewish state and has no respect for it’s freedom or sovereignty.

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