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Another reason to avoid watching meaningless games

Lets be honest, the olympic games suck already, with its myriad of repticious sports that allows one person to win, 3-4 gold medals, and everyone being suspect of doping, that the thrill is just no longer there. There is also the legacy of carrying on with the games even though Israeli atheletes were brutally murdered in the Munich Massacre.
For the Tundra Tabloids, the Olymic Games have come to symbolize murder, providing dictatorships with a good public image, doping, and fraud, bankrupting cities that host it, while lining the pockets of those promoting it and winning contracts to build venues, over sexed atheletes in orgies on the taxpayers’ dime and now pandering to Islamic sharia. Nope, you can have the games and their hooded ninja boxers too.
Quote from the comments to the article:Firstly I hate the thought of women even with breast protectors punching each other. What is manly or womanly about that? Why in the name of their invisible friend should I have to watch someone dressed as batman punch out another equally silly looking combatant.”
THE burqa boxers are coming. Young women are training in Afghanistan to fight in Islamic dress at the 2012 London Olympics.
Wearing hijabs beneath their headguards and clothes that cover their bodies, 25 female pugilists are preparing for their bouts in gruelling training sessions at Kabul’s Olympic stadium, once the scene of public executions by the Taliban.
The team, whose ages range from 14-25, were recruited by their coach, Fadir Sharify, a former professional boxer. He persuaded the girls’ families that it would not be inappropriate for them to take to the ring.
The 2012 summer Games will be the first time women have been allowed to box under the Olympic banner.
The International Boxing Association (IBA), which regulates the sport, said the women could observe religious dress requirements providing their faces were uncovered so the judges could record the number of punches they received. They must also wear breast guards beneath their outfits.
“At the moment there is nothing preventing women boxers from wearing full Islamic dress. Obviously, religious requirements should be taken into account and we want to be as inclusive as we can,” said an IBA spokesman.
Yeah….remember to be inclusive as much as you can, even to the point of stupidity and buffoonery. Not fair to the burka boxer to wear suffocating clothing while participating in a rigerous sport, nor fair to her opponent whose punches are not having the desired effect because of extra protection. All in all, a very stupid thing to approve of. KGS

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  1. KGS…. im a covering Muslim woman, so who told u that what we wear is suffocating ?

    However, it is NOT allowed for men or women in Islam to do boxing ! Its HARAAM meaning NOT PERMISSIABLE !

    These people, like most, unfortunately make Islam look bad ! Trying to blend in with the crowd. We Muslims have our way of doing things & others have there's, & we are NOT meant to try & water down our way, which is the SUNNAH (sayings,actions,& teachings) of our prophet Mohammad.

    Im going to take this time to say that most of the Muslims/people that do the bombings are not on the right path of Islam. They are of the SUFIS, SHEIA, HANAFI, TABLEEKI, IT IS HARAAM TO DO SUICIDE BOMBINGS !

    I must say that these are just a few groups that I know of that are on some different path of Islam.

    There are 73 or will be 73 sects in Islam BUT only 1 sect is on the right path & our prophet Mohammad told us in his sunnah that it will be the sect that he & his companions are upon.

    Our prophet told us that he is a BLESSED SALAF. So to be on the path of the SALAF is following the prophet of Islam in the BEST form. Most prefer to follow culture to the extent that it takes them off the right path.

    I become REALLY angry when I watch these stupid programs about Islam with REALLY WEAK non-practicing Muslims, because they don't show/tell the people, like YOURSELF bout REAL Islam & make a fool out of our religion by saying "this is ok, that is ok", the men in tight suits with on beard & the women with half of hijaab or NO hijaab showing the whole of there hair, with plucked eyebrows, revealing clothes & tagalong behind the man lol ….
    like we are oppressed !….

    BUT, the TV producers know what they are doing soOoo on that note… I shall leave, enough said !…. Oh, please do not talk about something that you don't know about ! cheers…

  2. Hi Aklem,

    Anyone with an ounce of a brain knows that being covered from head to foot in a bag, especially one with a face covering, is indeed suffocating. Trying to say, let alone prove otherwise, is laughable.

    I could care less whether you're a Salaf, Shiite, Sufi or Wahabbi, you all follow a highly destestable ideology that needs to be exposed for what it is, that being, a gross insult to world wide humanity. Islam is chiefly responsible for the retardation of human development in any society where it reigns supreme.

    Funny how that is, when a Muslim follows a culture that differs from the one that Islam sponsors, the more likeable that Muslim is, and tolerant of others. The more a Muslim becomes in tune with his/her "inner Mohamed", (follows the exact words and character of his desert warlord) the more intolerant and despicable he or she becomes.

    The Tundra Tabloids knows more than the average Muslim about Islam, and finds what it has learned about Islam, to be highly revolting. KGS

  3. "There are 73 or will be 73 sects in Islam BUT only 1 sect is on the right path & our prophet Mohammad told us in his sunnah that it will be the sect that he & his companions are upon.”
    And every single one of these 73 sects say the exact same thing about the other 72!
    Isn’t that interesting?! And yes, most of us who comment on these blogs know more about islam than we e v e r wanted to know. Because:
    “Know thy lot, Know thine enemies, Know thyself.”
    “Know thy enemy and know thy self and you will win a hundred battles.”
    Sun Tzu Wu

  4. Hey KGS,

    It’s very clear that you are a SMALL minded person, as you have made comments to be disrespectful.

    Now, everyone IS entitled to there opinion, BUT it is BETTER when an opinion is given with FACTS instead of HATE comments im afraid !

    I laugh @ the fact you refuse to accept what Islam has brought to humanity. But that’s people for ya, living in denial like your self lol…

    It does not matter what a person has learnt, if they have not learnt the right information & it’s not with the right understanding or in the right form does it ?

    The Quran is why the scientists have the knowledge that they have today, believe it or not ! Islam is why the women have the rights they have today, not because of "vote women’s rights”!

    Britain has always gone to other countries & STOLEN things, & then gone back to there country & claimed it as there own, Cheeky really!

    Our blessed prophet told us in a hadith "the disbeliever will never be happy with you until u follows them" which you have made perfectly clear above…Unlike MAN MADE LAW there are NO contradictions in Islamic law. That’s why there are so many unhappy people in your society, because the laws contradict themselves & justice can never be agreed upon.

    The people have come away from the laws of the creator, believing & doing whatever pleases them, Which to be fair he has allowed the people to have a choice, just to show you how just he is BUT, know that with every choice we are allowed to have will be a reward, & we will be rewarded for the good that we do & also be rewarded with the bad that we do…

    And if the true believing Muslim finds what other Muslims do revolting, then I can ONLY IMAGAINE what a SMALL-MINDED non-believer, with no understanding thinks… c'mon. Its not rocket science now? Is it? lol..

    Anyway im not going to get into this long back & fourth debate with you as you seemed to of made up your mind about Islam with lack of truth, fact & proof. I hope you let god into your life soon. Take care KGS…

  5. Thanks Ann-Marie, you're right. The Islamofascist/supremacists remind us daily what Islam is all about. Aklem's disingenuous nonsense only helps to convince the fence sitters to side with us who view Islam as a toxin ideology.

    There is no apology from Aklem for the atrocities done over the centuries by the followers of the pedophile warlord and assassin, Mohamed.

    There is only apologetics. That should tell the fence sitters all that they need know about Islam and the brainwashed drones who promote it.


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