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UK: Antifa Thugs Unleashed Against EDL Members Marching Against Islamic Fundamentalism, Radical Islam and Sharia…….

Apparently the Fascist ANTIFA
support all of the above

Fellow travellers of the Islamic fundamentalists

Wherever ANTIFA thugs hang their hats, you can be sure that they all share in common, a deep love affair with Islam-O-Fascism and violence and a hatred for Jews and Israel. It’s the glue that binds them together. So the English Defence League holds a rally in Birmingham against Islamic fundamentalism and guess who shows up to rough up the crow gathered? It’s none other than the thugs of ANTIFA.

Though the English Defence League had “urged supporters to avoid being drawn into violent clashes,” the deluge of rocks and bottles being thrown at them proved to be too much for some to handle. Perhaps a window of opportunity presented itself for the ANTIFA thugs, as the demonstrators veered from the planned route. Gates of Vienna has the BBC’s report of the incident, as well as a video report by ITN:

Notice the overall tenor of the interviews that ITN deigned to include in the latter half of the report.”

Here’s the story from the BBC:

UK: Rival Protesters Clash on Streets

Right-wing protestors and anti-fascist campaigners have clashed in Birmingham, leading to a large police presence.

A group calling itself the English Defence League which met to demonstrate against Islamic extremism was met with a counter protest near the city centre.

Police said more than 20 men have been arrested on a bus in Digbeth.

Several people were arrested last month when English Defence League protesters clashed with members of United Against Fascism.

Missiles thrown

Community leaders have been on the streets to try to ensure the situation remains calm.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said the arrests for violent disorder were made shortly after 1530 BST.

A 41-year-old man was also arrested for violent disorder in Waterloo Street.

Officers said further sporadic outbreaks of disorder took place in Bennetts Hill and New Street, with missiles being thrown.

A police spokeswoman said trouble causers would be dealt with “robustly”.

Shopping route

They were also granted permission to impose conditions on the protesters, restricting them to certain locations and a limit of 250 people.

Orders were also passed restricting the demonstrations to two locations.

But after meeting on Broad Street in the city’s entertainment district, demonstrators went to New Street, about half a mile away, and trouble broke out.

The street, which houses a large number of banks, cafes and chain stores, is a major pedestrian shopping route.

The nearby Bullring shopping centre and other shops remained open.

On its website, the English Defence League had urged its supporters to avoid violent clashes.

It added anyone causing trouble would be arrested or removed and could destroy the hard work put in by the league and police and “would ruin the day for everyone”.

It also stressed it was not a fascist organisation.

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