Anjem Choudary musl Muslim Brotherhood

UK: Anjem Choudery Pretends to be Osama Bin-Laden in Video Address to the EDL…….

Wanting to fill the
pumps of his mentor
OBL: Anjem Choudery
No matter how hard you try, you’re too damn ugly

The Tundra Tabloids collaborated with Vlad Tepes in the making of the Anjem Choudery film, of which we’re sure it will piss him off greatly. The TT asks any of the EDL members that may see this post, to kindly please pass it on forward. KGS (a.k.a. The Grand Mufti of Finland)

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  1. Pretty good. This guy is seriously scary!

    Sounds well spoken and educated too.

    In Australia we had a joke about people who had graduated from uni versity with a liberal arts degree. We called it a first class tickete to the dole queu.

    I wonder how this character earns his living.

    This should be compulsory viewing for all Brits.

    And if they just shrug it off – then they deserve what the future holds – but it ain't pretty!

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