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Jihad Junky Report: Swedish Red Viking Jihadi Re-arrested in Pakistan…….

The Left put him
back into action!

Red Swede Mehdi Ghezali:

I’m counting on my comrades once again

This is the guy -who is half Algerian and Finnish, but raised in Sweden- had the miserable media eating out of his hand, as he went about suing former US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld to the extreme delight of the Left. The media had real back slapping joke of time with it, because they agreed with the Swedish Jihadi, choosing to believe he was just another “innocent bystander” caught up in the “llegal” Bush war on terror campaign.


More than likely, those who supported this sack of crap had a gut feeling he wasn’t innocent but could have cared less. There would have been marches in the streets calling for Osama Bin-Laden’s release, if had been caugth right along with the Swedish Jihadi. But that’s just all par for the course for those who are very vocal when it comes to calling for “social justice”, when in reality they care very little for actual justice at all.

Via: Jihad Watch

Ex-Gitmo detainee re-arrested in Pakistan
for allegedly aiding al-Qaeda

One of the three Swedish citizens who last week where arrested in Pakistan is, according to public broadcaster SVT, Mehdi Ghezali, who for several years was imprisoned at the U.S. military base at Guantánamo Bay on Cuba.

According to reports in Pakistani media, the three Swedes were arrested together with seven Turks and one Russian, suspected for collaboration with the jihadist terror network al Qaida.

According to SVT the three arrested Swedes have been taken to the Pakistan capital Islamabad.

In December 2001 the 30-year-old Ghezali was arrested in Pakistan, close to the border near the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan and was shortly thereafter handed over to U.S. military.

Ghezali was released from the Guántanamo base in July 2004, without having been brought to justice. The United States never told what crimes he was a suspect of.

After returning to Sweden, Ghezali claimed to have been subjected to torture, but refused to answer any questions about why he had been in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistani authorities also have suspected Ghezali to have been involved in a prison uprising where 17 people were killed, this he has denied.

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