Britain: Abu Dhabi Sheikh Plans Angers Neighbors With Great Wall Scheme Around Estate in Windsor England…….

Local Brits refusing dhimmitude
in Windsor England

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan:
What do I care about the feelings of the local infidels?
Let them eat their shepherds pie and be silent.
Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the local borough council, think that they can run roughshod over the locals that live near Ascot place. It always takes the common folk to bring reason and common sense to the center of debate. KGS

NOTE: Is the wall to keep thieves out, or to keep certain Middle-East Islamic practices from being noticed?

For centuries, residents of hamlets surrounding Ascot Place have enjoyed stunning views across its open pastures and ancient woods. Set in 400 acres of pristine parkland, the 18th century mansion is a stone’s throw from Windsor Great Park and Berkshire Polo Club. But the picturesque vistas could soon be lost for ever under controversial plans by its billionaire Arab owner to improve security.
Bracknell Forest Borough Council has approved a scheme to build a 6ft 6in brick wall around the entire estate’s perimeter. The wall will be more than four miles long and use enough bricks to build 150 five-bedroom houses. A local builder estimated it could cost up to £2million.
The Grade II listed property was purchased for a record £19million in 1989 by the ruler of Abu Dhabi and is under-going major renovations. According to representatives of the Abu Dhabi royal family, which is headed by Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ascot Place will be brought back into active use as one of his private residences.

But after the council’s decision to grant permission for the wall without any consultation, the estate’s neighbours are fighting back. One of those who will lose the views they love is Viv Lewis. The 64-year-old shop assistant said: ‘We are all up in arms. ‘It is just outrageous that anyone would want to close off such beautiful fields. ‘It is just the rich grabbing what they can and leaving the rest of us to it.’

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