Danish Police Officer Shot in Muslim NO GO Area…….

Danish Police on their guard

Cultural inhancement watch

This whole story comes by way of Vlad Tepes who contacted the Tundra Tabloids as soon as the rooster began his crowing this morning. The story reminds me of a recent comment on another the Finland For Thought blog, concerning the Jussi Halla-aho case, where someone named Rich quipped about the TT in the following fashion:

“I agree that for many people of your ilk, race doesn’t capture the full spectrum of your discrimination. The modern far-right is an odd complex of racial, religious and cultural prejudice, embellished with weird Cassandra-esque narratives of grand paradigmatic change, and manichean struggle. We don’t yet have an adequate (non-medical) word for it yet, so I guess racism will have to do.B) As I said, the tendencies of the modern far right (and your posts) are, i’m afraid, crazy. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun to be the lone voice in the night calling out a desperate warning. But the reason no-one listens is because the words you are saying are mad. You can cherry pick the words and followers of any religion to prove outrageous conspiracy. But people who don’t have any pre-existing prejudice (or paranoid tendencies) can see that the idea of Western society (whatever that is) falling (whatever than means) to some Islamic movement (whatever that is) is just silly. It really isn’t much more complex than that.

This, ladies and gentlemen, represents the muddled thinking of someone (and other fellow travellers), who (a) doesn’t understand what western civilization is, but nonetheless more than likely loathes, (b) accepts the cultural relativist myth that all cultures are created equal while (c) having no knowledge about what Jihad is and what drives it forward.Sadly to say, there are far too many of these types that hold such stark, naive views of Islam, and what the West is facing. There is a gross ignorance in Rich’s comments, and the best way to combat that ignorance is to provide stories of every day occurances, that prove such views as being nothing more than wishfull thinking and cultural suicide. KGS
Danish policeman shot in ‘Palestinian’ area of Denmark.First, a little background from Gates of Vienna:

According to my Danish contacts, we are entering a new phase in our march towards the multicultural paradise. Acting independently, Zonka and Kepiblanc have translated articles about a series of cultural enrichment incidents in the Vollsmose suburb of Odense. The earliest article avoided any mention of ethnicity, so I asked Zonka if the perpetrators were definitely Enrichers. He said: I would say there’s a 99+% chance that they were: it’s the M.O. of the Enrichers, it’s a suburb made up almost entirely of Enrichers (think Rosengård), and I have no doubt that Ritzau would have been screaming loudly if ethnic Danes or other Westeners were behind the attack. So it’s bordering the impossible that it wasn’t Enrichers. Kepiblanc supplies a little context: Click more to get to the interview: As a special service to readers of Gates of Vienna who probably don’t know how to decode Danish media-speak: Vollsmose is one of our largest no-go areas, situated just outside Odense (the birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen). A BMW-driver means a young Muslim in a stolen car, driving insanely fast, ignoring traffic lights, all traffic regulations, and with the car’s boom-box at full volume. “Bystanders” means the ever-present mob of riff-raff, namely his countless brothers, first and second cousins, uncles and assorted scumbags. “Investigating” means asking a few polite questions (don’t want to upset anyone’s feelings, do we…?) knowing very well that no answers will be given, after which the case is archived with no further ado.


Kim Thyssen was one of the two police officers who were shot, down in Vollsmose Denmark this august. He has been working in the troubled neighborhood for ten years, and is not surprised about the fact that police-officers are now fired at. The area is dominated by a core of ruthless criminals who hate the police.

by Karina Bjørnholdt:
(Officer) Kim Thyssen knows what he is talking about. Throughout the last 15 years he has been working to prevent crime among youths with an ethnic background other than Danish. First as an officer in a special police unit, but since 2004 he has been based in Vollsmose, with Bøgeparken as his primary district. Kim Thyssen has no illusions and no prejudices — he knows the reality of the situation.

That is also the reason he was not particularly surprised, disappointed, or shocked when he was shot at the night before the 14th of August, as the rage boiled over in Bøgeparken.

Many of the difficult youths of Bøgeparken are like ticking bombs, and it was only a matter of time, and of who would light the first match — the policeman says

Hard to get to

Kim Thyssen on earlier occasions had experienced stones and bottles being thrown at him, but he had never been shot.

But the frustration has been heating up among the youths in the last two-three months.

“We also had the back window of our patrol-car smashed just recently for instance. They have generally been hostile towards the police, and were sort of waiting around for an opportunity.”

There is a group of hard-core criminals in Bøgeparken, and Kim Thyssen fears that things are moving in the wrong direction. He also states that people working for the municipality are having a hard time. Some of them have taken a leave from their job simply in order to be safe from the troublemakers.

Kim Thyssen states that Bøgeparken is mainly inhabited by Arabs, and a group of stateless Palestinians are in control of crime in the neighborhood. Many of the youths the local police are in contact with are also very unintelligent. School-psychologists in the area have even diagnosed some of them as being on “the level of mental retardation” as it is called in technical terms.

Experts in the Municipality of Odense, interviewed by DANSK POLITI [the independent professional paper of the Danish Police in which the article appeared] agree that lack of caring and stimulation and the effects of marriage between cousins are causing the low intelligence and consequently the reason why they easily end up committing crimes. They look up to their older friends and gain recognition by committing criminal acts.

“These youths have a poor vocabulary, are impulse-guided, and are not oriented towards the consequences of their actions. That is why they are so hard to get to, on a personal level. They simply don’t have the tools needed to engage in a discussion. Apart from that many of them are extremely ‘fond of fire.’ This summer we registered over 100 arsons behind Bøgeparken,” Kim Thyssen says.

Reverse Racism

The experienced police officer further reports that Bøgeparken houses many so called “wanna-bes” often no more than 8 to 10 years of age. These are the ones yelling “f***ing police” at the police authority. Then there are the older brothers who actually challenge the police by throwing rocks and bottles. Occasionally when things get out of hand even the fathers of the families — 30-35 years of age — encourage the young ones in their attacks on the police.

Kim Thyssen estimates that the group of stateless Palestinians in Bøgeparken consists of around 40 persons. But they are quickly able to call in more people, and suddenly you have a gathering of around 100 difficult youths and grown-ups.

“They carry an insatiable hate towards the authorities. And there is also a fair amount of ‘reverse racism’ out there, which is becoming more and more explicit in recent years. The Danes have a very rough time in Bøgeparken. Their children can’t play in the sandbox, it is the cars belonging to the Danes that are set on fire, and it is their apartments which are burglarized. The Danes are shot at with air rifles and mugged on the street.

No friends

Now, one might think that the shooting has made Kim Thyssen angry or disappointed. He knows the inhabitants of Bøgeparken and they know him, and still the shots were fired. But that is not how Kim Thyssen views the matter.

“There are three things needed to be a good police officer in Vollsmose. You need a clear head, a warm heart and a cold a** [“cold a**” is slang for ‘not giving a damn’]. The people often come up close to you, and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by some 30-40 people curious about what you are doing. That is the time where you need to remind yourself that, although we do have some people we know well, we have no friends out here. We are often called racists, but that is what they call anyone enforcing the law,” Kim Thyssen says.

“But I still like my job, and the shooting is not going to change that.”

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