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Delusional Man Clutching Bible Hijacks Plane in Mexico…….

When it’s man clutching a Bible
It’s a Religious Fanatic

When it’s a follower of the madman prophet

it’s the disenfranchised

In the twisted/deluded thinking of the media, there’s no such thing as the JIHAD, nor the jihadis who carry out these atrocities, they’re just victims of “injustice. Oh and by the way, neither does LGF’s Charles Johnson any longer believe that the Jihad exists. KGS

Religious fanatic briefly hijacks Mexican plane

MEXICO CITY (AL-Reuters) – A Bolivian-born man clutching a Bible and claiming a divine mission hijacked a plane in Mexico with more than 100 people aboard on Wednesday, but the incident ended quickly and without bloodshed.

Jose Flores, who told police he was a Protestant minister, seized the AeroMexico Boeing 737 after take off from the Caribbean resort of Cancun demanding to speak to Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Flores, 44, smuggled a false bomb on board and threatened to blow up the aircraft if he could not warn the president of what he said was an impending earthquake, police said.

“He said he is a minister and that it was a divine revelation that made him carry out this action,” Security Minister Genaro Garcia told reporters.

The plane landed safely in Mexico City, its original destination, and police stormed the aircraft after the passengers had been allowed off, but not the crew.

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  1. Oh yes …. Now, No-one don't know that South America is very much hijacked by Islam(ism), and doesn't it sound quite weird that the Judeo-Christian Fanatic uses a very well trained Islamists' Way to complain about Things? Oh, let me think: this man, a Farmer (!), dreamed Everything – or better, he read Everything in the Bible, or … in the Gospel! – about How can one hijack a Plane …. [I talked about Judaism because it seems he said that he wanted to hijack a Plane – quite a common Action Among Christians … – on 9/9/'09, which is a Cabbalistic Cipher – in Fact Cabbalistic Teachings stress on the Importance of hijacking, blowing up, killing … -]. I see Now that he comes from Bolivia: maybe a Fans of the Bolivian Agreement, whose Leader/Head is None less than Hugo Chavez, Islamists' best Friend? Has this Man Something to do with Islamists and Chavez, or has he Nothing to do with them, he "made up" the whole Thing alone, according to "a Dream" he had the previous Night? Faith's Mistery …. My Opinion is that Islamists are trying to do Everything to put thier own Shit on Others' Account ("Nothing New under the Sun" …), and cleaning their own Image by dirting Others' Image.

  2. Okay, there we have it – the Johnson has finally abandoned any pretense of standing against the Jihad. Too much trouble for the slimy little fuck.

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