Sweden: Illegal Immigrant Wins Big in Lotto, Rakes in £100 000…….

Soul searching time in Sweden, as their immigration and swiss cheese border policies come to bite them in the butt. KGS

Hej Sverige!

Illegal immigrant scoops £100,000 on Swedish lottery

An illegal immigrant has caused soul-searching in liberal Sweden by winning around £100,000 in a televised national lottery contest.

Tesfaldet Tesloy, 28, from Eritrea in east Africa, appeared on Swedish TV on Saturday to collect his winnings, even though the authorities have been trying to deport him.

Mr Tesloy, who moved to Sweden six years ago, has so far been able to remain there because of his own country’s refusal to take him back. He is one of around 12,000 people awaiting deportation in Sweden, many of whom cannot be sent home because their own nations either ignore or refuse to co-operate with deportation orders.

“They are not allowed to be here … and we are unable to deport them, and they won’t leave voluntarily,” Leo Garpenhielm at the Stockholm County Border Police said.

While Mr Tesloy is not legally allowed to work in Sweden, the Swedish National Lottery said he was legally entitled to take advantage of his lucky break. He now plans to become a physiotherapist.

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