Hamas Tim Marshall Tots for Terrorists

More on Tim Marshall and the Hamas Tots for Terrorists Story…….

‘Claims’ of adult brides in the stands
is all that Marshall will produce

Sky News’ Tim Marshall:

I offer my claims as proof so
don’t bother asking for any evidence

The arrogance! The Tundra Tabloids was one of the few blogs that Marshall responded to in his quest to get the story of Hamas terrorists marrying tiny tots removed from the Internet. He (Marshall) even went so far as to thank the TT for removing its post due to the uncertainty surrounding the claims that the Hamas men videoed with young girls (pre-pubescent) in wedding dresses, were in fact marrying them. The TT has now put its original post back online, but with an update telling of the added information.

After giving this seasoned foreign news journalist the benefit of the doubt, there is now more information surfacing, most notably, that Tim Marshall now admits to never having seen the REAL BRIDES supposedly being married to the terrorists marching out on the field with the little girls in white wedding dresses in tow. Also, Marshall’s refusal to divulge more on what took place at that mass marriage in Hamastan, and his digging in of the heels, is breathing more life into a story “he says” (Marshall) is over and done with. Not really Tim.

According to Bare Naked Islam who mentions in the TT’s comment box:

I am one of the many bloggers who received that message from Tim of Sky News. I emailed him twice asking for some verification in the form of photos or videos but never received a reply. So I decided to let the story stand as is. Also, al-Jazeera posted a different video of the wedding but there, too, no sign of age-appropriate brides, only the little girls. The AJ video is here if you haven’t seen it.

The Tundra Tabloids, as well as the rest of the blogs posting about this simply want verification of what Sky News’ Tim Marshall is claiming, is factually true. We all know that Islamic fundamentalist fanatic Hamas is capable of doing just about anything, so it’s not a stretch to believe that the initial understanding of what was being viewed on the video….was in fact a marriage of children to adult males.

A simple verification with pictures and videos of the event showing the males with adult brides shouldn’t be hard for ‘someone there’ to produce. That he now says he never saw the brides in the stands…goes further to cut into his credibility as an on-the-scene eye witness, or are we to take Hamas genocidal murderers at their word, like Tim Marshall appears willing to do? KGS

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  1. AP reports: The 450 brides shared none of the glamour, taking seats among the audience of around 1,000 party guests.

    Tim Marshall speaks about "5,000 or so guests"

    Bottom line, you cannot trust a single Journalist in Hamastan.

    I want to see real hard evidence.

  2. Ah yes, AP, the other 'news' source (like Reuters) that gets all its information on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from those bastions of 'integrity' known as Pallywood.

    I suppose they would claim the brides were being hidden away for reasons of modesty, even though Palestinian women are not required to cover themselves in black when they go out in public. Apparently they have learned the art of Taqiyya from their Islamic masters.

  3. Hamas has made Gaza a sharia state recently. There is definitely something rotten about this whole thing. How is it each man has only one niece? why NO nephews? Given family sizes, there should be a bakers dozen or two of each per groom. Under sharia law, the only time females get to wear makeup is on their wedding day. Even if this is incorrect, and it may be, we do know that Islam does not have the same traditions as western people in terms of weddings. As I already mentioned, Gaza is a sharia state. So something is really rotten about this whole event.

  4. Tim Marshall emailed me also after I posted something on the Hamas weddings.

    He would be far more credible if he didn't also seek to justify Hamas terrorism.

    I could believe anything of Hamas, frankly, up to and including using these girls as brides or 'rewards' for the 'brave Hamas soldiers' or as I prefer to call them, gutless ba$stards.


  5. I know in some Arab weddings the bride sits at the back while the festivities are going on. However, it does seem odd that these 'bridesmaids'(?) are featured so prominently while there are no signs of the brides. The AJ report does make it look like the little girls are the brides.

  6. I agree BNI, Vlad Tepes and AJWAV,…the more one looks at this the more suspicious it becomes. I still can't get over how arrogantly the journo expects "his word" to suffice as fact.

    Again, it's Marshall's actions that eat away at his version of the story. An indeed, as it stands right now, Marshall by default, has only a version of the story.

  7. The last 10 seconds of that al-Jazeera video is creeeeeepy. Given this, I'm most curious what al-Jazeera's take on all this is. Do they think these girls are brides or bridemaids or…? If anyone can clear the air about this, it's al-Jazeera….yet it's puzzling how their clip is ambiguous about this as well.

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