Buffoonery Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Compares Iranian Elections With 2000 Florida Election Results…….

Clinton abroad sticks it to the US


You didn’t see that coming did ya?!

Sadly we did. KGS

From Rantburg: Hillary says Florida 2000 compares to what happened in Iran
“Estou em Nairobi. No escritório e um pouco por toda a cidade as televisões estão ligadas na cobertura intensiva da visita de Hillary Clinton ao país. Neste momento, Clinton esta a responder a questões de estudantes universitarios. A última questão foi sobre fraudes eleitorais e Clinton acabou a comparar as Eleições Americanas de 2000 ao que se passou no Quénia ha um ano atras e no Irão recentemente. Valha-nos Deus.”

My translation from Portuguese:

“I am in Nairobi.Everywhere TV stations are tuned into Hillary Clinton visit. Right now Hillary is answering questions from University students. Last one was about electoral frauds and Clinton just compared the American Elections of 2000 to what ocurred in Quenia one year ago and happened in Iran recently. God save us!” Posted by Large Snerong

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  1. The blind and shameless way of moral equivalence presented by the political left never ceases to amaze me.

    Whether it is comparing Lithuanian treatment of gays to Iran or US elections to Iranian ones, the pattern is always the same. We in the West are equally (or more) guilty of the same behaviour so we have no right to pass judgement.

    It doesn't matter if the actual treatment of gays in Lithuania is from another planet compared to the way gays are hanged in Iran. The moral equivalence is still there, at least in the minds of leftists.

  2. Well put Vasarahammer, moral equivalence is the hallmark of these multi-culti PC'ers. They never leave home home without it.

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