Dubai Economics

Dubai’s Ecomonic Bubble is Busted…….

Dhimmis leaving in droves

Look at how the dessert
swallows them whole!

The less Western cash is floating around the Arab Middle east the better. Remember folks, the Arabs need us far more than we need them KGS

Dubai dream is over as thousands rush back home

Thousands of young Londoners are returning from the Middle East as dreams of a six-figure salary and sun-soaked lifestyle turn to dust.


“At the end, the roads were just like a ghost town,” Mr Harlington said. “The Dubai dream has just gone. I wouldn’t recommend anyone goes out there looking for work. If you bought [property] in the last 18 months there is a good chance you are in negative equity.”

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  1. As I'm sure you know, commodity prices are cyclical. Oil prices will rise again unless it is eliminated as the prime mover of our transportation system.

    I continue to fill my car with E85 in the solemn knowledge that I'm keeping my automotive fuel dollars out of the hands of Persian Gulf oil sheiks. I encourage ALL Tundra Tabloid readers to do the same if you can.

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