The Tundra Tabloids Gets a Request From France…….

From Gastou:

An extremely important on-line action has been launched by Riposte Laïque (30/40,000 readers). This is a petition addressed to French politicians, Deputies and Senators asking them to propose and vote for a law banning burkas and face veils in public places. Certainly this is also of concern to other countries menaced by islamic supremacism.

Petition in French:

For the first time Riposte Laïque (RL) has taken the initiative of translating one of its texts (the petition) into English and thus RL sees the anglosphere; also the SITA group has offered its services to RL to act as an interface between the French and English campaigners.

An English speaker can act by:

1) Reading the petition in English here:

then by signing the petition, details are at the bottom of the page bringing you to the French version of the petition form to fill in with

Votre nom=Surname:

Votre prénom=Christian Name:

Votre statut= status or job+your country

———–> for example: retired or teacher; UK

Votre adresse e-mail = your E-mail to valid your signature

————->you will receive an email with a link to click to valid your signature.

Valider = Send

2) To spread this petition in every possible way mentioning RL as the

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