Social Affairs Minister: Is Finland Educating Too Many Foreigners…….?

Finland screwing itself
shows signs of waking up

Minister of Social Affairs and Health Liisa Hyssälä:Are we Finns screwing ourselves?
You will note further in the body of the story that the Education Minister dismisses Hyssälä’s claim, but that’s to be expected, many have invested a lot of time and taxpayer’s money in the multicultural experiment. But it’s nice to hear clarity every once in a while from a government official. KGSSocial Affairs Minister: Is Finland Educating Too Many Foreigners?Educating foreigners could come at the expense of educating Finnish youth, according to Minister of Social Affairs and Health Liisa Hyssälä. However the Education Minister refutes the claim. In the Centre Party’s online publication Verkkoapila on Wednesday, Hyssälä poses the question, is Finland accepting too many foreign students to its universities and polytechnic schools? Hyssälä says she is concerned about the displacement of Finnish youth, and does not want them to lose study spots to foreigners. Hyssälä adds that unemployed Finnish youth wandering the streets should begin to study. She notes that some 15,000 foreigners study at universities and polytechnics in Finland. Meanwhile, 4,000 Finns who receive the Finnish state study grant study abroad. The Ministry of Education does not keep track of how many Finns who do not receive the grant are educated abroad. In Hyssälä’s opinion, however, the numbers are disproportionate and that government should discuss the issue.

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