Fakestinian Whiners Alert: Arab Terrorists Deported to Italy Can’t Live Off of 2000 Euros a Month…….

No pity for these beasts

Arab terrorists living high on the hog at the Western taxpayers expense

These animals should have been locked away in pens for years, not sent abroad to live off the aid money/jizya poll tax money that’s also by the way, funding Fakestinian terrorist leaders. They are all living off the Western tax payer, and it’s high time that it ended. KGS
Rome/Madrid – Ma’an – Bethlehem deportees declared an open hunger strike at the Palestinian embassy in Italy in protest of what they say are difficult living conditions in Europe.

Half a dozen of the men deported to Europe following the Israeli siege of the Nativity Church in Bethlehem say they are not receiving enough money from the Palestine Liberation Organization to cover their cost of living.

Spokesman of the deportees Jihad Ij’arah told Ma’an that those deported to Italy say Palestinian official’s “ignorance and carelessness” over their situation has resulted in many of the men having their water and electricity cut off from their homes and others being threatened with eviction as they are unable to pay high rents in European cities.

The deportees are reportedly entitled to 2000 Euro each month, with an additional 150 Euro to provide for their families, most of who remain in the West Bank.

Ij’arah said he had attempted to contact PLO member Sa’eb Erekat, and sent letters to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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