Cargo Bike Imam Humour Sharia Vlad Tepes

Another Cargo Bike Imam Video From Vlad Tepes…….

He’s back!!!!!!
The Cargo Bike Imam has more

This next CBI is all about “Justice”. If it’s like the rest of “Vlad’s Vids”, stand by for a treat. This has all the makings of a good cult following! KGS

Vlad: “This is the most telling one. The kids in this one recognize that the imam is just a bigoted hate spewing humorless moron and all find better things to do, showing that kids are smarter than leftists, immigration ministers and multiculturalists. Damn this is a great show. “

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  1. These videos are very strange, but some are actually quite clever when you look twice at them.

    KGS, I have a couple of questions about Finland, if you don't mind – could you please email me at:


    Thank you.

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