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Hamastan: Top Fattah Leaders and Arab States Funded Jund Ansar Allah…….

‘Moderate’ Fattah funding
Islamic group Jund Ansar Allah?

Mohammed Dahlan:

Nothing strange in Fakestinians funding terrorism

Let’s get it straight, there’s no such thing as ‘moderate’ Fakestinian (real name for those who describe themselves as Palestinian) leaders, just more ‘pragmatic leaders’ in the when and the how to conduct their terrorism. Fattah is as radical and extremist (which passes for normal Muslim Arabs there) as Hamas and the al-Qaida gang that was squashed the other day.

After violent clashes leave 24 people dead, sources in Gaza say documents reveal radical Islamic group Jund Ansar Allah funded by number of Arab states as well as elements close to senior Fatah figure.

Palestinian sources reported Sunday that the Hamas government in Gaza revealed documents proving that al-Qaeda loyalists who clashed with the Islamist group’s security forces over the weekend were backed by a number of Arab countries and by elements associated with senior Fatah member Mohammed Dahlan.

The fighting erupted Friday when Hamas forces surrounded a mosque in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on the Egypt border where about 100 members of Jund Ansar Allah, or the Soldiers of the Companions of God, were holed up. The violence left 24 people dead, including Jund Ansar Allah leader Abdel-Latif Moussa.

Moussa reportedly blew himself up during a shootout Saturday with Hamas security forces.

In a message posted by al-Qaeda’s websites, the Islamic Swords of Justice, a group affiliated with the Salafi movement, vowed to avenge the deaths. “We tell our people who witnessed this crime that this is not over, and war is on its way,” the message said.

The Palestinian sources said Hamas revealed the documents some two months ago, long before the decision to attack the mosque in Rafah was reached.

According to the documents, the sources claimed, the al-Qaeda loyalists’ activity was financed a number of Arab states, as well as by Dahlan’s associates.

Dahlan was the head of Fatah’s security force in Gaza before Hamas violently took over the coastal enclave in the summer of 2007.

The Palestinian sources added that Hamas’ security forces intercepted communiqués sent between the loyalists in which they called for the launching of attacks on Hamas figures and institutions in order to destabilize its regime. The loyalists were behind a number of recent explosions that took place at weddings and Internet cafes in Gaza, they claimed.

Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad said the clashes did not involved “an outlawed group that wanted to carry out terror attacks and deems all those who do not agree with it heretics.”

The minister said the al-Qaeda inspired group refused to fight alongside Hamas during Israel’s offensive in Gaza in early 2009.

“They said it is a war of heretics against heretics, and held suspicious ties with the security forces in Ramallah,” Hamad said.

May all these Islamic supremacists be successful in “offing the other”, think of all the lives it would save. KGS

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  1. What is the logic behind the pejorative term 'Fakestinian'? By using it, do you imply that

    – Palestine doesn't exist
    – Palestine exists, but there are only Israelis in the said area, i.e. there is no such thing as Palestinian people
    – Palestinian people exist, but they're untermenschen and can be called whatever one damn well pleases

    By normal people's standards the term is highly offensive. But then, you openly call Barck Obama a negro, so perhaps sensitivity to such issues is not your forte.

  2. A. The region of Palestine exists in the very same way as Scandinvia, but unlike that Middle Eastern region, no group of people in the Nordic region have taken to scaming the rest of the world into calling them…."the Scandinavians" as a distinct people.

    It's one of the biggest con jobs ever to hit the international arena, and something that has outlasted the entity that created in, the former USSR.

    Arabs from Gaza have more in common with Egyptians, dialect of Arabic spoken etc, than they do with the Arabs in Israel, the disputed territories, Jordan and southern Syria.

    It's a fake construct, and something that the Tundra Tabloids won't be disseminating further.

    As for Barak Obama, you have the brass tacks to point a finger at me for calling Obama …"a Negeo", though he built his entire campaign on the fact the it was a chance for change and that his being a Negro would help bridge the race gap that supposedly exists in the US.

    Nice try. To be exact, Obama is a half black half white politician who for his own reasons tends to lean towards his black half.

    The word NEGRO is anaccepable term, though there are those who would choose to pretend otherwise.

  3. It's always the innocent that pay the price of war.

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