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Thug Hugo Chavez Admits Iranian Presence in Venezuela…….

And the US has Chuckles the Clown Obama
to manage its affairs, how comforting is that?

UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel (who has written a ton on Hezbollah and about its involvement in South America and with the Buenos Aires boming ) notifies the TT and corrects the claim that Chavez admitted to Hezbollah being active in Venezuela, he spoke only about Iranians. Though IMHO it’s not a leap to believe that Hez-O-Nazis are actually there. Thanks to Debbie for spotting that, the matter is now cleared up, it was the TT’s oversight. KGS

Like Atlas said recently: “The US has become a joke on the world stage. The Obama presidency is imploding. Duck the shrapnel.”

Vlad Tepes notifies the Tundra Tabloids about a video he uploaded, here it is. Remember folks, there is no more pussy footing about whether Venezuela has Hezbollah operatives/terrorists working from its territory, he (Chavez) is now firmly on record as having the Hez-Nazis on Venezuelan soil.

It also harpoons the claim that Hezbollah is not an international terrorist organization. Those of us who blog daily about such matters know that Hezbollah was involved in the bombing of Jewish center in Argentina.
We also now know why the local Venezuelan Jewish community was feeling the pinch from the Thug Chavez regime (real Fascists) during the past few years, as incidents of Anti-Semitism have spiked during the Chavez years. It’s all too clear now, and just another stark example of the nexus between the hard Left and Islamofascism. KGS

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