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Pakistan: Christian Homes and Churches Burn to the Tune of Mosque Broadcasts…….

The true face of ‘tolerant Islam’

Followers of the mad prophet: We do as we like

Why people believe the “Islam is the religion of peace” meme is beyond me, the only places in the Islamic world they can point to that have an outside appearance of being tolerant, are those Islamic states and communities yet to be fully Islamized. Meanwhile, Pakistan burns Christian homes and churches and the international community is silent. KGS

Via Jihad Watch:

Pakistan: Muslims, incited by mosque broadcasts,
burn down 100 Christian homes and churches

And the world yawns. I have many times reversed the situation in headlines to stories like these — i.e., “Christian mob burns down 100 Muslim homes.” Can you imagine the international outcry, the “Islamophobia” studies launched, the hand-wringing at the UN, if a Christian mob (chanting “Deus vult” or “Christ is risen” or some such) began setting fire to Muslim homes and mosques? Yet when Muslim mobs go wild and attack Christians, as they do so often in Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria, the international media goes dark, Ban Ki-Moon sees nothing worth remarking upon, Barack Obama sends more money to the government of the perpetrators, and life goes on as usual.

“Muslim Mob Burns Down 100 Christian Homes in Pakistan,” from International Christian Concern, July 1 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

07/01/09 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – This morning 100 Christian houses and churches were set on fire by local Muslims in the city of Kasur South, east of Lahore, Pakistan. The riots were incited by broadcasts from local mosques. This incident is similar to a February 1997 attack when thousands of Christian houses and churches were burned and hundreds of Christians were injured.

ICC partners received the news this morning and went immediately to the scene to help injured Christians transferred to Lahore, renting two mini vans for this purpose. So far 9 burned women and 4 children have been transferred to Lahore for further medical treatment. All of them have been injured by throwing acid on them. Local police have arrived on the scene but the situation is out of control as thousands of Muslims have gathered for this purpose.

More details to follow. Please call the Pakistani embassy in your country to ask them to protect the Christians in Kasur South.

Pakistan Embassies:

USA: (202) 243-6500
Canada: (613) 238-7881
UK: 0870-005-6967

FIN +358-9-8955 3377

SWE +46-8-20 33 00

H/T: Vlad Tepes

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  1. Islam should be abandoned worldwide so that those brainwashed Moslems can start to use their brain and wake up and think. The world can not abandon Hitler and Communist idiology and allow Islamic idiology. Islam founded by a gang leader for his sexual and financial needs. Certainly many feared their lives and juined him and many more loved his sexual promiscuity and idiology and joined. 1400 of brainwashing prevent Moslems to think. Any athiest and sexual preditor can not teach worse that what Mohammad taught and practiced. Today non Moslem sexual preditors at least don't kill to protect their addiction. Islam hateful verses in the Quoraan must be taken to courts world wide and prosecuted. Moslems are taught to cheat non-Moslems so now we will hear some say that only AlQuida did these things and they are peaceful and believe in Peaceful religion. No, Islam is not peaceful it means Submission and kill and hate all non-Moslems. The Quoraan must be abolished and prosecuted espicially in the Western world. We want Moslems to have the freedom to use their brain to think and decide about their life. Worshipping Mohammad's teaching is worshipping teaching of sexual addict and gangster would only lead to distruction. They believe in weak Alat or as now they call Alah who require people to defend it. In deed because it is the god of the moon needs people who are terrorists and gangsters to defend it like Mohamad and his gang for 1400 years. What a weak Samad (Stone) alah they worship what is found in Mekah. I hope they wake up because their destiny is important to themselves as anyone else in the world. We love them, but hate their devile sexual idiology.

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