Iran Neda Soltani

Martyred Symbol of Iranian Protests Was a Christian…….

Neda Soltani was one of those Iranians
protesting for modernity, not for Islam

Neda Soltani:
All I wanted was to be treated like a human being
but all I got was a bullet ridden body in return

Neda Soltani was one of those protesters who was not championing for a return of “real Islam”, but marching for an end to the Mullah domination of her society. The Tundra Tabloids stated as much early on that there are those who actually believe that Mir Mousavi is some kind of reformer (he isn’t).

The TT does not hold out any hope that Mir Mousavi is any kind of reformer, because he isn’t, and never will be, but many of the people risking life and limb in Iran’s streets think so. These are the people the TT is saluting.”

So via Atlas Shrugs, the Tundra Tabloids finds out that Neda Soltani was a Christian, identifiable from by the cross hanging around her neck in the picture. Not all are/were marching for the same reasons, something of which many in the blogosphere have failed to understand, no matter how unrealistic their hopes for change (of their liking) would be. KGS

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