Shocker! Pakistani Spy Agnecy ISI Finds Connection Between Islamic Militants and Madrassas…….

After helping to prop up the Taliban,
the ISI discovers Islamic extremism
in madrassas that dot its own land

So that’s what they’ve been up to all these years!

It’s all a great opportunist mess. The Pakistani ISI has been involved with the Taliban and other Islamic fundamentalist groups over the years, to help offset their fued with the Indians in Kashmir, as well as creating a counterbalance to the western presence in Afghanistan. No doubt in the TT’s mind though of their playing both sides of the field (which I’m some what inclinded to believe of the Russians as well), and you can bet that they’ll gloss over the problems and pretend to be very active when the next size of $$ support is to be determined. KGS

Vlad Tepes makes the followingpoint: “The ISI may or may not be responsible for specific funding of terror via the taliban but they most certainly are directly responsible for certain terrorist acts such as bombing the Indian embassy in Afghanistan, which the Indian govt. has openly accused them of and provided evidence as well as funding and training the people for the December Mumbai attacks. these are just two actions by the ISI. however which proxy they use is uncertain other than the ones the Pakistani government recently admitted to creating”

Pakistan: Spy agency exposes link
between militants and religious schools

Islamabad, 14 July (AKI) – By Syed Saleem Shahzad – As refugees displaced by conflict in northwest Pakistan make their way home, they are afraid that their children will now depend on Islamic religious schools as their only option for education. At least 270 schools, used by the Pakistani army as military posts, were destroyed in the crossfire and by bomb attacks in Malakand agency during the recent military offensive in North West Frontier Province.

More than two million displaced people have begun leaving refugee camps and other shelters in the Peshawar valley region of the province.

Now there is renewed fear that Islamic schools or ‘madrassahs’ will be the only system of education left to fill the vacuum which could lead to a new generation who could be trained for the Taliban.

Pakistan’s largest spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, has produced a full dossier (photo) on this new phenomenon describing the connection and roles played by different religious education organisations in Pakistan and how they play a role for the networking of Jihadis.

The first page of the dossier is about a recently arrested militant, allegedly responsible for attacks on the state police Special Branch and a military camp in Islamabad highlights the connection between the militants and religious schools.

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