Fakestinian Follies: Hamas Vs. Fattah Redux…….

Thugs popping off thugs
and we’re supposed to care?

Thanks to Debbie Schlussel
for coming up with this comparison
It’s always amusing to the Tundra Tabloids to see how the lib media depicts sides in a conflict or even politicians and their political parties, using the most superficial descriptions possible. Such is the case in the medias’ describing Iranian politician, Mir Mousavi and Mahmoud Abbas as moderates, neither are, at least in the western sense of the word. So it brings the Tundra Tabloids no sadness whatsoever, to hear that Hamas had tried to whack Fattah warlord, Abu Mazen (Abbas), the other day. I could care one way or the other who is left standing from the present “leadership” of the Fakestinians, they are all a bunch of hoaxsters, gangsters, anti-Semites and crooks, and the swift departure of any of them will not change my opinion of them. KGSHAARETZ SAYS ATTEMPT ON ABBAS’S LIFE FOILED(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, JULY 3 – Palestinian Authority (PA) secret services in the West Bank have captured Hamas members planning a series of attacks on PA institutions and officials. According to the daily paper Haaretz, the target of the attacks was allegedly Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. PA secretary Tayeb Abdel Rahim has said that the date chosen for the attacks was July 1, and were meant as a way to create generalised confusion in the West Bank by killing PA leaders and carrying out an attack on one of its installations in Nablus by way of loading a tunnel with explosives. Haaretz quotes PA sources as saying that the inquiry had brought to light the fact that members of the group had gathered detailed information on the Mahmoud Abbas’s schedule and daily routine, as well as on the security measures meant to protect him, which would imply that they were also planning an attack on his life. In Gaza a Hamas spokesman has said that the news is only “a lie” thought up to put “the resistance” – the armed wing of Hamas – in a negative light.

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