Bosnia Islam Offended PIGS

Pious Muslim Leaders Ban Peppa Pig Dolls in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina…….

Didn’t you know, it’s Haram!

Muslims fear pig doll will corrupt
increasingly Islamized Sarajevo!

Insanity unleashed in the soft under belly of Europe. The radicalized Muslim state of Bosnia-Herzegovina wants no part of normal Europe, they would rather spend their time bowing towards Mecca and banning little pig dolls. But wait, wasn’t this the state that Michael J.Totten gave his stamp of approval for being “secularized Muslims”? What gives Mikey? KGS

Courtesy of Islam in Europe

Special thanks to Sheik Yer’Mami for the excellent Rotten Totten piece.

Muslim extremists have banned Peppa Pig dolls from a shopping centre claiming the children’s cartoon character breaks Islamic laws. Hardline religious leaders told shopkeepers in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, that because the dolls were based on pigs they breached muslim food laws which ban pork, reports local news website leaders have denied trying to impose sharia law on the shopping centre but have already managed to ban alcohol and pork from all restaurants.

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  1. i have also read michael totten's article on bosnia, that bosniaks loved america, bill clinton and jews, but he also said local bosnians were complaining about radicalization via wahhabi muslims from saudi arabia

  2. I', form Sarajevo, and all this mess with peppa was a JOKE started on forum! Does anyone check their sources anymore?What if I write USA bannes all jews for political reasons and bad haircut?! Would it be top news on CNN an BBC?!

  3. Provide a link(s) that proves what you say is true…and I'll give you a platform to speak.

  4. Well KGS, I don't feel the need to deal with anybody re this. I don't give a s… actually. I am just pointing out that the source based their (sensational) story on a joke told by a forum member. I'm not sure if you can read and understand the original article at the source ( website, but the article you just copied carries a reaction by the shopping center management AND the shop management utterly rejecting any possibility that the doll was removed from the center for any reason. The whole story is stupid, but I reckon it's extremely useful for hate spreaders.

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