Finnish Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Disses Netanyahu Speech…….

Helsingin Sanomat deems
requirements as “sabotage”

It’s to be expected. The Helsingin Sanomat is a partisan paper that’s not only obsessed with the Arab-Israeli conflict, it’s in the tank with the Arabs. The Finnish capital’s newspaper simply cannot be trusted to give Israel a fair shake, not even to present their positions without malice.CASE IN POINT: Netanyahu accepted the Palestinian state
under strict conditions
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“Netanyahu however, placed strict conditions for approval in his speech in Jerusalem. A representative for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, deemed the conditions as “sabotage against efforts for peace”.The Palestinian state must not have an armed forces, and the Palestinians must recognize Israel the Jewish state, Netanyahu said. According to him, Israel will keep in its possession the whole of Jerusalem, whose eastern part the Palestinians claim as its capital.The speech was interpreted as limited concession to the United States. President Barack Obama has confirmed the U.S.’s support for a Palestinian state and opposes Jewish settlements in the West Bank.Palestinian representatives have insisted that Palestinians who fled during the establishing of Israel have the right to return.Palestinian Politicians also consider that the recognition of Israel, as the Jewish state would undermine Israel’s Arab citizens.Netanyahu’s speech violates the “Palestinian, Arab and American position”, said a Palestinian Authority spokesman.”

The overall position of the article is overtly negative towards Israel, there was nothing mentioned of the words Netanyahu spoke concerning peace with the Arabs. His simple, basic requirements like the recognizing of Israel as a Jewish state (23 Arab states recognizes themselves as Arabic and Islamic) is made to look as negative as possible, though it goes straight to the problem of the Islamic world, its deeply entrenched anti-Semitic and religious supremacist views.The Helsingin Sanomat spends more time on what the Arabs think about Netanyahu’s speech than on what Netanyahu actually said and why. But what’s one to expect from a paper that devotes itself to murdering the truth in its paper on a daily basis? KGSNOTE: Observe with humour the papers careful mention of the PA’s worry that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would endanger the status of Israel’s Arabs, all the while it and Hamas demands a Jew free Judea and Samaria (Palestine). Talk about hypocricy, and the West media eats it up. The Arab leaders and the Finnish media are bunch of anti-Semitic boobs.

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