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Outrage Alert: Russian Prison Officials Burning Korans to Intimidate Muslim Prisoners…….

Russians have yet to feel intimidated by Islam

Korans getting torched in mother Russia

We in the West may not agree with the Russians on every issue, but they really do have something we in the West lack (not including Finland), that is a strong sense of identity and self assurance, something that Europe has attempted to supress and distance itself from. KGS

Officials at a Russian prison have been burning copies of the Koran as part of abuse against Muslim prisoners, a rights protection group has said. The People’s League of Tajiks, a migrants’ rights organization, said the incidents happened at a jail in the Tambov region, south-east of Moscow, BBC News reports.
It said prison officials had also destroyed a mosque set up by inmates. The organization said four prisoners from Tajikistan, two from Uzbekistan and one from Kyrgyzstan had complained that they were assaulted by guards. The group called on the Russian Justice Ministry and state prosecutors to investigate the accusations.

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