4 Inch Alien Caught by Pakistani Kids Stoned Then Burnt Alive…….

We all now know what areas of the world
aliens should avoid.

This is how Pakistanis treat their illegal aliens. Let’s hope first contact doesn’t take place in a Muslim country, or the aliens will experience sharia first-hand. They didn’t even give it a chance to convert, I knew the goal of jihad was global supremacy, but galactic supremacy? KGS Possible scenarios for its capture:

  1. Aliens may be punishing their worst criminals by sending them to Pakistan (Vlad Tepes)
  2. Crash landed in Pakistan on the way to Mecca to retrieve the smooching stone from the Kaaba
  3. Aliens haven’t been paying their poll tax from some time now, and this one was being used as an example
  4. The alien probably drew a cartoon of MO (Aeneas)
  5. Had some lettering on his spacecraft that looked like Allah
  6. It was a female alien – but inappropriately dressed
  7. It was a female alien caught in inter-Galactic travel without a male relative
If anyone has more to add, leave it in the comment box! KGS

A four inch Alien species appear to be a female turned up in Pakistan accidently.
While repairing an old house, they found an Alien walking around.The children took it as an harmful animal & stoned it then the Alien fell down helpless & motionless. Then they put her in bottle after that they throw her on very hot bricks that’s where she got the skin burns. This news spread like a wild fire, too many people came in flocks to see her ;out of concen of disturbance locals buried her in hole. People have demond an investigation & autopsy now.


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