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Pakistan: Christian Families Fleeing Punjab in Wake of Blasphemy Charges…….

And all it takes is just a rumor

Muslims taking care of a dhimmi who forgot his place

Pakistan is slipping head first into an Islamic jihadi state, and one of the first signs is how they are treating their minorities. Christians, Jews and others who are allowed to live amongst the followers of the desert madman, feel the pinch when times get tough, or as in the case of Pakistan and elsewhere, when fundamentalist Islam is feels it’s in ascendancy.

The Sikh’s are being forced to pay the jizya tax in the area of northern Pakistan or lose their property, while the Christians are being driven out of Punjab on trumped up charges of ‘blasphemy’. This is all due to the religious supremacist nature of Islam as the author of ” Dhimmis and Dhimmitude” and Eurabia, Bat Ye’or explained in a seminar at Columbia University earlier this year:

“The feeling that Islam has the duty to govern the world is very pregnant today. This implies contempt for non-Muslims and their vilification. Dhimmis, non-Muslims were always obliged to exhibit signs of respect to Muslims. This behavioral obligations imposed upon death sanctions, form an important body of laws and social customs from the beginning of Islam till today, this is what I call dhimmitude.


My conclusion is that the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference,which is a group that brings together 57 Muslim countries, has decided to bring into the international forefront and into the Western world, this rule of Dhimmitude that imposed the respect of Islam by non-Muslims. This is what we see now, and they have decided too, that the Muslims who are integrated in non-Muslim countries are a part of the universal Ummah, and that their rights to be respected must be applied.

Islam is not there to co-exist with any other belief or political system, but to rule over them, and the sooner people begin to realize this the better. The non-Muslim lives in constant fear of running afoul with the Muslim majority population, and all it takes is a simple rumor or inuendo to get the mobs seething. KGS

Christian families flee Punjab in wake of presumed blasphemy case

Accusations against a social activist for having marked the Koran with ink and chewing gum. Rival politics within the Christian community at root of case. Protests force accused family to flee village

Lahore (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Twelve Christian families are on the run after receiving death threats from other Christians and Muslims who are alleging that the families have committed ‘blasphemy’. The episode occurred in the village of Chak, Sahiwal, where the Christian community numbers 6,500.

Local Muslim sources report that a week ago, unidentified people broke into Harrappa Government Community Model Girls Primary School in the village. Later students found a page of the Koran on the ground smeared with black ink and gum. The blackboard had the following words written on it: “I am don”.

Pakistan People’s Party Member of the National Assembly, Zahid Iqbal and local police said that the words on the blackboard led to the assumption that a Christian social activist, well-known in the area, named Shani was responsible for what had happened, as he was also called ‘don’.

However the politician and local police did not exclude that the writing and Koran page could have been planted to deliberately sully Shani and they added; “It could have been a conspiracy against Shani”. Sources on the ground report that following the incident, a group of Christian families already opposed to Shani started accusing him of committing blasphemy and instigated Muslims and other Christians of the area against him.

The enmity between Shani and some members of the local Christian community arises from Shani’s support for the politician Zahid Iqbal, while the other families support Rai Azizullah.

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