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A Look at Some of LGF’s Charles Johnson’s ‘Decent Köln Citizens’…….

These are the people the so-called “anti-jihad” bloggers say we must make alliances with, in order to save Western civilization: 200 pathetic losers, renounced by every decent person in Köln.
Here are some of the “decent people of Köln” that serial libelist Charles Johnson so highly regards, who were caught supporting the Islamization of Köln over the weekend:

Charles Johnson’s Turkish communists

More of Chuckie’s communists but this time of the ethnic German variety,
but still commies nonetheless

A shot of Charles Johnson’s decent Köln folk,
supporting the Islamic political scarf, the hijab

Charles Johnson’s “decent folk of Köln” who
made use of the occasion to promote anti-Israel propaganda

Charles Johnson’s decent Köln Folk (Muslim Brotherhood?)
distributing Islamic propaganda, the shirt reads:
German Muslim – at home this is good (in local Cologne dialect)

The TT would be found in this normal crowd
But not Charles Johnson

Thanks to La Yijad en Eurabia for some of the photos. KGS

UPDATE: Someone at the Pro-Köln event stops by for a comment stating:

“The guy with the sunglasses right down is me. I tried not to be photographed, but it don´t work, as I see now. On the opposite demo there were some muslim extremists which are well known in germany. Pierre Vogel now known as Abu Hamza is suspected for collecting money for the jihad in the near east. Greetings from germany

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  1. I am now a proud member of Charles Johnson’s BLOCKED list too. He considers me a Nazi and my website Fascist. LOL

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