Pause for the Cause

Brief Pause in Posting…….

The TT will be back sometime tomorrow evening

One must enjoy the weather whenever one can. KGS

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  1. I am told it is very hot in Finland at the moment; I guess many Finns will be going to their mokki (summer cottages) now.

  2. The British are making interesting findings in here. The man saluting was Lenin – not Hitler.

  3. Thanks all!

    Just got back Doc, and what a time, sauna & swimming and grilling makkara (sausage) by the waters edge.

    You're right Anon, mökki is cottage in Finnish…and if you're lucky enough to have one…you're at it, especially when the weather is right!

    Thanks Kumitonttu, Lenin still sells, even though his regime and the ideology he helped to propell onto the world's stage murdered more people than his murderous socialist cousin Hitler ever did.

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