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Now that Baron Bodissey from the Gates of Vienna blog has come out with the report about the recently held Counterjihad conference held last weekend in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, the Tundra Tabloids will share a few words about the series of working meetings as well. It was a privilege to be once again amongst the many activists who gathered for the third meeting of the Counterjihad.

As I already mentioned, this was not a conference in the traditional sense, where a gaggle of big names present their thoughts to a listening audience which is then accompanied by cake and coffee, and then followed by yet more speeches. But that’s not to say that listening to prominent speakers is boring and a waste of time, quite the contrary, it’s just that we’re way past that already.

What was in mind -as the Baron correctly depicts- for this working conference, was to strengthen, extend, and deepen the existing networks of anti-jihad activists and bloggers. The only way to do that of course, is to roll up the sleeves and thoughtfully interact with all of the participants assembled, where everyone has an equal voice and time in the discussions, that’s where all the brainstorming comes into full fruition.

As the Baron mentioned, also the spending of quality time afterwards to discuss the key issues of the day, challenging each other’s thoughts and preconceptions about what was said, is one of the best means and methods available for honing and/or fine tuning these thoughts into something workable or useable in the Counterjihad. Adding good Danish beer into the mix was just icing on the cake.

Danish Kwaks
The last gulp is the most challenging and exhilarating

Activists from Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Romania, UK, France, Serbia, USA and Germany gathered in an undisclosed place for a couple of days to speak, listen, challenge and cajole one another, in order to formulate cohesive plans that will enable them to help counter the Islamization process that is currently taking place in their own states.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance indeed took the role of moderator of the meetings and led the working discussions in a well managed, orderly manner and time frame. As one of the representatives from Finland (yes others were there as well), the Tundra Tabloids was asked to present the case of the Finnish state’s repression against the embattled Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho. Here it is in full:

Repression of Freedom of Speech in Finland

The Case of Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho

Jussi Halla-aho, is a Helsinki city councilman, a linguist with a PhD in Slavic studies, and a web columnist who maintains a very popular (and controversial) blog called Scripta. He is best known for being a consistent critic of mass immigration and multiculturalism and the problems that they create in Finland. It was speculated at the time when Mr.Halla-aho was elected to public office, that the conservative politician would run the risk of being smeared, scapegoated, and shunned by the political elite for not adhering to the politically correct views that are officially deemed to be the only opinions allowed on anything related to mass immigration and multiculturalism.

That indeed turned out to be the case. The main parties involved in the campaign against the new politician have been the Finnish tabloid paper, the Iltasanomat, the Finnish capital’s largest news daily, the Helsingin Sanomat and the state broadcaster Yleisradio. The campaign against Halla-aho can be credited to the fact that he received almost 3000 votes in the recent municipal election for the Helsinki City Council.

Last year the campaign against Mr.Halla-aho quickly began soon after the elections in December of 2008, with charges of disseminating “racist” speech being leveled at the politician over an old blog post of his, which subsequently became the focus of a police investigation for publicly distributing supposed “racist writings”. The investigation was launched at the request of the Women’s organization of the Green Party, who filed a complaint concerning the last paragraph of text in a blog post of his, and sought the police to investigate to help determine whether the paragraph constitutes incitement to rape.

In a blog post that highlighted the fact that, those who both support and/or are responsible for policies that have led to women in Finland being raped by immigrants, do not have to live with their decisions, Jussi Halla-aho wrote the following line:

Every now and then I have written about problems related to the collective sense of guilt. Still, I find it hard not to feel collective resentment towards women first because of what they (along with a few male sycophants) allow to happen to this society and themselves, and second because after each violent act committed against a woman the progressive womenfolk blame me, the Finnish man, for women’s sense of insecurity.

In my collective resentment I sometimes find it difficult to feel genuine sympathy towards the victims of these crimes. I feel tempted to think that the women get what they ask for. However, I try not to think that way, because not all the women are like Virtanen, Biaudet and Filatov. Rapes will eventually become more frequent.

Since, this being the case, more women will be raped anyway, I sincerely hope that the predators who randomly pick their victims would catch the right women — meaning green-left liberals and their voters. It is rather them than someone else. For them nothing else works except if they get a taste of their own multicultural medicine.”

Ironically, or should I say typically, the words of the former spokesman for the Finnish Greens, MP Osmo Soininvaara, did not raise the eyebrows of these same women (or the Chief Prosecutor) who pressed charges against Hall-aho, who wrote in his own blog about those who supported a nurses strike earlier this year: Soininvaara:

“I wish that the relatives of those who support the nurses union (TEHY) would die as a result, if the strike becomes a reality.”

The police and chief prosecutor later discontinued the investigation of that particular post, due to it being (a) a bogus charge and (b) therefore unwinnable, and focused their interest upon (c) another post by Mr.Halla-aho. This time it was going to be about the open letter to state prosecutor Mika Illman, concerning the severity of the Finnish state’s sentence against convicted filth blogger, Seppo Lehto, who received two years and four months imprisonment and has to pay tens of thousands of Euros in damages for several accounts of gross defamation, incitement against an ethnic group and religious worship. According to the Chief Prosecutor’s office:

“Halla-aho had uploaded to the Internet and submitted writings to the general public, in which Islam and its sacred institutions were combined with pedophilia, and in which was also presented the robbery of pedestrians and the looting of tax revenue was a certain national group or a specific genetic characteristic.The charges were presented in the Helsinki District Court. Halla-aho denies the charges” The portion of the Halla-aho post that got him into trouble this time was the right to criticize Islam and its founder, Mohamed.”

In the post on Mr.Halla-aho’s blog Scripta, “A couple of baits for Mika Illman”, Mr.Halla-aho posed a few questions, as well as a few statements that are now being used against him as proof of incitement against an ethnic group and for violating the “breach of sanctity of religion”, The Finnish word more closely approximates “the breach of sanctity of religion”, but is in fact much the same as blasphemy, because no one is charged for interrupting a church service, etc. From a practical point of view, the charge is indeed equivalent to “blasphemy”.

Attached is the portion of the text that the state prosecutor Mika Illman, is seeking to prosecute the city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho, for incitement of an ethnic group and breach of sanctity of religion.

Helsinki city councilman Jussi Hall-aho’s court case is scheduled to begin on 25.08.09, at 9:00,

The portion of the text that got Mr.Halla-aho into hot water can be found here.

The rest of the conference is adequately summed up by the Baron himself, so there isn’t too much for me to add, other than it was a thrill, and an honor to be once again in the company of friends and colleagues that gathered on the 16th, 17th of May in Copenhagen. KGS

NOTE: Read all of what Baron Bodissey explains about the conference here.

NOTE: Aeneas from Beer N Sandwiches has much much more on the conference as well!

6 Responses

  1. There is in next week 26-27.5.2009 2 years 7 mohths prisonery “Jesus Christus”-charges from mika illman and demands against Seppo Lehto in Turku hovioikeus

    … against muslims, even jews ( when Seppo Lehto talks in patrioottiradio about jews`s Antisemitic Cartoon Contests results how good those pictures were instead of those which were made by muslims ) – Look at that.

    When jews make pictures and laugh – According to stateprocecutor it is not allowed to Seppo Lehto not even nettiradiosketch – Do you agree that?

  2. Correcting you

    Seppo Lehto got 2 years 7 months prisonery about blameshy etc 30.5.2008

    Next time the issue is in trial Turun hovioikeus 26-27.5.2009

    Wellcome to see and listen to mika illman lies

    Seppo Lehto Tampere
    Muhammed caricaturist

  3. “Islamist hegemony in Scandinavia” (KGS )

    There is no Islamist hegemony in Scandinavia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.

  4. Nicolas must take his head out of the sand and look around, only the naive or grossly unconcerned would be treating the Islamization of Europe in such a cavaliere manner.

    Perhaps you’ll wake up only when sharia courts become common place as well as the name Mohammed, and the minarets of the mosques dot the landscape more than they do now.

    But by then it’ll be to late to do much about it.

  5. Seppo you cross the line (with regularity) when you focus upon race and ethnicity, when in reality it’s all about ideology, nothing more nothing less.

    The moment you stray from focusing on the ideology which is the main problem facing our western democracies: Islam, Sharia and the jihad ideology that springs from it, ….you plunge yourself into indefensable positions of racism and bigotry.

    I do admit that one must be free to voice his/her positions, but where I draw the line is when one attacks people for the ethnicity and race.

    You have defamed people that I know, leaders within the Finnish Jewish community for their race, as well as disseminating a lot of lies….that can never be approved of. I believe that the charges of blasphemy against you are wrong and should never have been submitted, but you make it very hard to defend you by all the other highly offensive and racist material you produce.

    At the end of the day, your actions work against the very aims you claim to support, defending Finland and Western civilization from the highly rejectionable and destructive political/belief system of Islam.

    Think about it.

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