Savage on Britain Ban: ‘When Has This Witch Listened to My Program……?

Michael Savage:
“Boycott British Products”


SAVAGE: “What about Chavez, Hugo Chavez, is he banned from England? He’s driven half the Jews out of his nation with his hate talk. Is he banned by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith? No, she picked an easy target, she doesn’t know my show obviously, but somebody in America sent her my name and as a result of this I’m going to sue her.
I don’t know if I can win, I don’t know the law of England, I have seven lawyers working on this right now. Britain defamed Michael Savage, putting me in the league with mass murderers because of my opinions.
For this lunatic Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary of England to link me up with skin-heads who are killing people in Russia, to put me in league with Hamas murderers who kill Jews on buses is defamation. Moreover I have been endangered by this lunatic, she has painted a target on my back, linking me with people who are in prison for killing people.
Does she not think that this will bring harm to me and if she does, will she pay for it? We’ll find out soon enough what the laws protect and don’t protect.”

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