More on P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas’ Rejection of a Jewish State…….

The Tundra Tabloids posted earlier about the same incident, but there is now an online video available by Palestinian Media Watch. Don’t be fooled in thinking that Abbas is just grandstanding, this is what the man, one of the chief architects of the Munich Massacre, actually thinks.
It say a lot about the Palestinian leadership, and foolish western politicians and the media, when a Holocaust denying, mass murderer is deemed …..a “moderate”. But lets be realistic here, what else would you expect from the Holocaust denying bastard, Mahmoud Abbas, anyway?
The man is as much of an Islamic supremacist as the Hamas, it’s just that he wants his group, the Fattah, to have total control of Gaza, and the disputed territory of the WB, not the Palestinian affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. KGS

“The ‘Jewish state.’ What is a ‘Jewish state?’ We call it, the ‘State of Israel’. You can call yourselves whatever you want. But I will not accept it. And I say this on a live broadcast… It’s not my job to define it, to provide a definition for the state and what it contains. You can call yourselves the Zionist Republic, the Hebrew, the National, the Socialist [Republic] call it whatever you like. I don’t care.” [PA TV, Apr. 27, 2009]

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