US Country Reports On Terrorism Wake Up Call For Obama…….

Thanks to Barry Rubin for posting on the report. The 2008 Country Reports on Terrosim should give pause to the current Apologizer-In-Chief’s emphasis on dialogue being the only means in dealing with the Iranian regime. The Iranian-Syrian nexus will not be intimidated by a US president who places the US on the same level playing field as those who are sponsoring terrorism and jihad, and engage in endless, meaningless talks.
While dialogue is indeed important, it is not the means to an end, American resolve -to make the difficult choises should the Iranians and Syrians continue to choose the wrong path- will be the significant factor in reigning in the current nexus of evil, not handshakes, smiles and yet more of those dreaded meetings where dates for yet more future talks will be decided on.
If the current US administration is serious about securing the Middle East from further devolving into a regional nightmare, there needs to be an emphasis on addressing the disease, not the syptoms that ail the region, which means standing up to the Iranians in a strong, no nonsense kind of way. A “call to carrots” (dialogue being used as a strategy) vis-vis-vis such kind of regimes is fools errand that’s destined for failure, and history proves that I’m right. KGS

Barry Rubin: The U.S. State Department has produced some excellent analysis in its “Country Reports on Terrorism 2008” study just released. Now the only problem is to ensure the Obama administration reads and absorbs the contents.

What can this report teach U.S. policymakers?

Regarding Iran, their government has massive evidence of its continuing role as “the most significant state sponsor of terrorism.” Why is Iran doing this? According to the State Department, “To advance its key national security and foreign policy interests, which include regime survival, regional dominance, opposition to Arab-Israeli peace, and countering Western influence, particularly in the Middle East.” That’s right, and it’s not going to change, especially one Iran has nuclear weapons.

Not only does Tehran use the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (the institution most supportive of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) “to clandestinely cultivate and support” Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizballah; plus radical Islamist groups in Afghanistan, the Balkans, and in Iraq against U.S. forces.

As for Syria, events highlighted its “ties to the world’s most notorious terrorists,” including the death of Hizballah Operations Chief Imad Mugniyah, killed while under Syrian government protection. “Among other atrocities, Mugniyah was wanted for the 1983 bombings of the Marine barracks and U.S. Embassy in Beirut, which killed over 350.” Moreover, as the report shows, Syria has been tightening its alliance with Iran and continued financing terrorism.

While U.S. efforts reduced their numbers, terrorists destabilizing Iraq continued coming in “predominantly through Syria,” and “receiving weapons and training from Iran.”

Here’s the bottom line: Not only do Syria and Iran believe that destabilizing the region, bullying or controlling their neighbors, and expelling U.S. influence is in their interest but they’re also directly involved in trying to kill Americans. Read it all.

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