Internet: Faith Fighter Video Game: Mohamed Fights the Deities…….

Newgrounds arcade website presents

Since the time of it’s release, the Faith Fighter video game has became more widely known, and it would be inevitable that the members of the “Ideology of Perpetual Outrage“, would express their outrage at the online gaming company. That is exactly what happened and the company quickly caved into their demands, and produced a couple of different versions, original and censored.

To show you just how badly the company folded to Islamic outrage, the game can’t even be accessed from its main game page under the FIGHT category, you have to type in the name of the game into the search window to find it. Then there’s this disclaimer:(click to enlargen)Newgrounds even succombs to refering to Mohamed with the Muslim “peace be upon him” then directs the potential offended Muslim to the Islamic friendly version where Mo’s face is blacked out. You can’t make this stuff up. Actually, if the Newgrounds company had been run by one of us in the Counterjihad, Newgrounds would have responded with a Mohamed jihad game which would accurately depict his excursions that called the faithful to mass slaughter, rape, pillage and plunder. Now that would be an excellent video game to develope, but alas, Newgrounds is definately not up to the challenge. KGSVia: Jihad Watch

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