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Obama Stiffs US War Dead For Visit to Turkey’s Blue Mosque

More of Obama’s change

Obama: Now that I have a break in my schedule,
show me that mosque, Gül

A real American president however
always pays his respects

Reagans visiting Normandy

Barack Obama rejects Normandy trip and visits mosque instead

Barack Obama, concerned about offending Britain and Germany, rebuffed strenuous attempts by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to persuade the new American president to make a trip to Normandy this week.

What a bunch of hooey. Since when would Germany AND England be offended if a US president visited the graves of US war dead? Logistics my eye, if a US president wanted to pay his respects to the US’s fallen soldiers, he would have, it’s as simple as that. The whole story is a crock. KGS

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  1. I’ve never heard anything so absurd in my life. Offending Brits by visiting war graves in Europe! The man offended me a damn sight more by not going.

    And by bowing and scraping to the Saudi king.

    Let’s not forget that. Ever.

    The Frozen North

  2. He makes me sick. And my fellow Americans (gag) that voted for him make me sick. There’s way too much distance between left and right Americans now. We just need to split. If righties don’t split, we’ll lose the country the founding fathers created.

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