P.A.’s President Mahmoud Abbas Reveals His Dark Side…….

Darth Abbas: May the Anti-Jew force be with you

And the West labels this guy, Abbas, as a moderate, who are they trying to kid, but themselves? He’s no more a moderate than the thugs who rule Hamastan, it’s all about not wanting to name things as they are, so the politicians can continue on with their charade of the so called “peace precess”. When Abbas punishes someone for playing to a small group of Holocaust survivors, he’s telling you exactly where his character lies, on the dark side. KGS

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, APRIL 1 – The conductor of a Palestinian youth orchestra from Jenin, who ten days ago irritated local authorities by performing with her orchestra in Israel for some survivors of the Shoah, has been detained and expelled from the West Bank, Israeli online press sites report today.

The musician, Wafa Yunis, an Israeli Arab, was detained this morning in a refugee camp in Jenin, where the orchestra she helped found while giving classes is based. Three armed men took her away and told her she would be expelled from the West Bank and accompanied to the Israeli border.

Wafa Yunis’s orchestra played a few days ago in the Israeli town of Holon, during a small local event supported by pacifists and a philanthropic businesswoman. The group performed in front of a few dozen people including ten elderly women, survivors of the Holocaust. The Jenin-based leaders of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) protested against the performance.

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