G20 Summit Obama-Gate Saudi Arabia

Obama Grovels Before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at G20 Summit…….

All hail to the chief

Atlas: He must be thanking him for his college education.

Power Line Blog:What’s wrong with this picture? Americans do not bow to royalty. In my view, when the royal is the ruling tyrant of a despotic regime, the wrong is compounded. Putting aside the breach of American protocol, It is akin to Jimmy Carter succumbing to Brezhnev’s infamous kiss at the signing of the arms accord in Vienna in 1979. It is a disgrace. As in Carter’s case, Obama’s supplicant attitude signifies his spirit. In this respect I distinguish it from George Bush’s otherwise embarrassing handholding with the the king.

That’s why it wasn’t the smartest move by the US electorate, to vote for president of the greatest, most powerful country in the world, a junior Senator whose greatest achievement outside being elected to the presidency was being a community organizer in corrupt Chicago, and spending two of his only three years in the Senate running for the White House. The man sickens me. KGS

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  1. The Muslims will love this public act of submission.

    Is there another possiblity – could it be that he is so much taller than the other guy?

    Could that be it??

    Best to keep erect and look down when he meets other shorties I guess.

    Nevertheless a bad image for ol’ Uncle Sam.

  2. President Obama is going through a lot to fix the damage that bush did. We need to support him and not make fun of the little things.

  3. Hey Mike, Bush had a lot of help from the Democrat leadership as well as from the Democrat controlled Congress in messing things up as you say….

    What a US president does not do, however, is to bow to dictators or any other royalty.

    Obama makes a classic error of errors, and yet you Dems can’t even acknowledge it, and still find time to stick it to the former pres. How telling

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