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Finnish Greens MP Says on Blog: Pedophilia OK if State Sanctions it…….

MORONIC! Former Greens Party Spokesman Osmo Soininvaara:

“Halla-aho’s labeling of Islam as a religion of pedophilia was intentionally insulting”

H/T Kumitonttu
In the comment section to a post at the former Greens Party spokesman’s blog, he states the following concerning the issue of Islam and under age wives:

If one gets an exceptional permission to marry an 11-year-old girl in Finland, then having sex with her is OK according to the Finnish legislation, too. But an exceptional permission will be extremely difficult to get.”

Soininvaara’s comment was in response to a previous question about whether the opinion of the Finnish Islamic Council’s Imam, Chehab Khodr about the marrying age of an 11yr old was in sync with Finnish law.

Note that the Finnish MP didn’t condemn the thought outright, but left it in a convoluted daze of twisted thinking, which would, could, give the impression that such a thing is indeed possible, no matter how remote, and with his permission to boot! What he should have done was to state categorically that not only is the notion wrong, but that under no circumstances should any such thing ever be contemplated, let alone asked for in the Finnish state, as long as he has something to say about it as a minister in parliament.

But that’s not what he did. More than likely it’s because an outright condemnation might give an appearance of an admission for Halla-aho’s logical claims:

Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile and islam revers pedophilia as a religion. Islam is a religion of pedophilia. Pedophilia is Allah’s will.

But also noteworthy are some of the comments registered at Soininvaara’s blog, that show the mindset of some of his fellow travelers:

“To call Islamic marriage with juveniles – or sex with minors – pedophilia the way Halla-aho does, is insulting, because the only purpose of such a claim is to say that such a manner is somehow criminal. Which it is not – according to Islamic laws. That is why Halla-aho is being prosecuted, as far as I understand.”

There are Finns, most likely Greens, since it’s the blog of the former spokesman of the party, who believe that it’s alright to have sex with minors as long as it’s done in regions where western law doesn’t exist. It’s cultural relativism in the naked flesh, all is equal, no matter how decadent. the patients are running the insane asylum. KGS

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  1. Here we go again. It’s all about insulting Islam and that’s all that seems to matter to these weirdos.

    No matter how appalling, how disgusting, how outrageously wrong anything is, it’s apparently OK if Islam sanctions such behaviour based on the role model established by Muhammad 14 centurys ago.

    The golden rule of these left wing weirdos seems to be that no matter what anyone says, we must never insult the religion of the prophet.

    The whoe thing makes you want to puke.

  2. The news is just another deliberate "misunderstanding" of the discussion which kept going for a long time, and during which Soininvaara made it very clear that he is against underage marriages.

    It is a sign of weakness that one must lie. Tundra Tabloids does it here, unless the blogger has not taken back his words. I doubt that.

  3. Yawn. The man said what he saud…it's in black and white, or should I say "green and white" for that's the kind of font he uses.

    Nope, I do not retrack anything…nor is there anything else you bring to the plate…other than calling me a liar…while anybody with a pair of eyes can see for themselves. KGS

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