Honour killing UK

UK: Muslim Husband Convicted of Murdering His Abused Wife…….

UPDATE: Robert Spencer notifies the TT that the Daily Mail has retitled the article with a more politically correct headline:

But now at the Daily Mail link, the story has been retitled as “Family’s fury at legal blunders that left husband free to stab wife to death – despite her warnings he would kill her” and there is no reference to the Islamic holy book.The paragraph above has been revised to read this way:

In the early hours of the following morning he attacked her again, telling her ‘This is your final hour’, but left after she made a desperate call for help to his brother, threatening to return with a knife and ‘slaughter’ her.

The DAILY MAIL completely removed the reference to the Koran, Jihad watch has more on it here

Sabina Akhtar told police her husband ‘would not hesitate’ to kill her

Malik Mannan wanted to slaughter his wife

Police blunder costs abused wife her life

But the police thought they knew how to handle Mulsim/immigrant domestic related violence, they released Malik Mannan on bail on condition he be good and stay away from his property!

Guess what? It didn’t work

Using both hands to squeeze her windpipe he told her to read her Koran adding: ‘Read whatever other stuff you need to read now. This is your final hour.’ The arrival of his brother stopped the attack but Mannan left shouting: ‘I’m going to get a knife and when I return I’m going to slaughter you.”

After being freed by police officials who deemed that there was not enough evidence to hold him, Malik Mannan texted his wife to boast: ‘I am a free man, since 1.30. Case file closed. Isn’t it great?‘ This stems from a multi-cultural political correctness, that refuses to acknowledge the role violence plays within Islamic/cultural settings. It’s results in the fears of the victims not being taken seriously by city or police officials. KGS

Wife who made 25 assault complaints against husband stabbed to death after he was released on bail

A terrified wife who predicted her cheating husband would kill her, was stabbed to death by him just days after he was freed in a legal blunder. Sabina Akhtar, 26, went to police in fear of her life after Malik Mannan subjected her to a string of vicious beatings.

The taxi driver was jailed for life today at Manchester Crown Court after being convicted of her murder yesterday. He will serve a minimum of 17 years. Speaking outside court, Ms Akhtar’s family accused the Crown Prosecution Service of negligence. Her uncle, Reaz Talukder, said his niece would still be alive if her husband had been charged after being arrested for a second time.

Mannan was held after she gave a heart-breaking statement detailing 25 different assaults but was released when a prosecuting lawyer said there was not enough evidence to charge him. The 36-year-old then texted his wife to boast: ‘I am a free man, since 1.30. Case file closed. Isn’t it great.’

Ms Akhtar had a panic alarm fitted to her home and warned friends and police that her life was in danger while he remained free. But nothing was done and five days later he burst into the marital home in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester, and stabbed the mother-of-one to death.

In her statement two months before the murder, she said: ‘I have become extremely concerned about my personal safety. ‘My husband is a man of an extreme violent nature. I genuinely believe if he gets the opportunity he will not hesitate to kill me.’

An inquiry is underway into the Crown Prosecution Service’s handling of the case and it has said it will offer a face-to-face apology to Ms Akhtar’s family. The matter has also been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. A CPS spokesman said: ‘We accept that the wrong decision

It’s of little comfort for the bereaving family. More here. KGS

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