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Swedish MP Thinks She’s Brave: Hey Pope, Ditch Fundamentalism……!

The easiet target is often the most aimed at

Birgitta Ohlsson: I would never think of demanding
Grand Imam Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi to ditch fundamentalism

That’s pretty much the thinking of these Nordic politicians, the thought would never cross their minds, and if it did, it would be automatically be rejected, because Christianity does not issue fatwas and clamour in the streets calling for your blood, only the religion of peace does that. KGS

Swedish MP to Pope: Ditch fundamentalism

Prominent feminist politician Birgitta Ohlsson is demanding that the Swedish government launch a formal protest with the Vatican over what she sees as the “religious fundamentalism” of Pope Benedict XVI. “It’s important to have a values-based foreign policy and a values-based development aid policy and that means criticizing religious fundamentalists no matter what church they come from,” Ohlsson told The Local.

Ohlsson’s comments come following claims by Pope Benedict XVI in connection with a recent trip to Africa that condoms make the AIDS problem worse. “You can’t resolve AIDS with the distribution of condoms…on the contrary, it increases the problem,” said the Pope, according to CNN.

I seriously doubt if this female feminist would dare set her sights upon the Grand Imam, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, though he’s an anti-Semite and approves of gays and Jews to be killed, and is for the anti-human rights/anti-feminist Islamic sharia and the corporal punishment it demands etc., the list goes on. Ohlsson however, being too afraid of offending the Islamic pope and his followers, will instead save her anger for the Pontiff of Rome, who’s against the handing out of condoms. KGS

2 Responses

  1. Who the fuck is Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi?

    The way to fight religious fundamentalism is to attack WELL-KNOWN figures.

    We definitely need to condemn the popes words.

  2. You are way off base here, and have obviously missed the link included and thus the entire jist to the post.

    The Pope is the least of your worries, Islamic fundamentalism however, …..is.

    Tantawi is the Islamic equevelent to the Pontiff, and therefor highly important what this man says and advocates. A philo-semitic religious leaders ban on the use of condoms pales in comparison to what Tnantawi has called for and advocates.

    Get your priorities straigt.

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