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Sweden: Muslims in Södertälje Getting Harrassed by Assyrian Christians…….

Assyrians have been victimized in the Middle East for centuries

Assyrians Demonstrate in Sweden Against Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq (6.07)

Some Muslim families are now feeling the pinch in Sweden, as Assyrian Christian youths wrongfully attack Muslims in their areas, with very hurtfull language. Their conduct is condemnable, but it should be noted however, that no matter how wrong their actions are, and indeed they are, it’s prudent to note that they’re only responding in the manner in which the Muslim community treated them when they were living in Islamic lands.

Södertälje Muslims flee after threats

Fathima and Ali live with their three children in Hovsjö. Outside the locked apartment door was waiting a reality that the family could never imagine themselves in 2006, when they moved to Hovsjö from Skåne. They moved there due to Fathima getting a job in the south of Stockholm, but no vacant flats were to be found other than in the Södertälje district of Hovsjö.

We have lived in a small town in Skåne and in other parts of Sweden, but never have we encountered such racism as this. Swedes and other groups have never been a problem, but the screams of Syrian “Muslim bastards” and “fucking Muhammed and bin Laden” after us, “says Ali, who gave up. Now the family wants to move and are looking for housing in northern Stockholm. Behind the attacks are children and young people of the Assyrians / Syrians who immigrated a couple of decades ago.

I’m not down playing the wrongful actions being committed by these Assyrian youths, they should be stopped, but it’s also helpful to understand the complete picture, there are no innocent sides here. It’s not by accident that the Assyrian community in Sweden has the lowest regard for Islam and for Muslims in general.

The woman Fathima defends herself further in the article that “they are not extremists, just average Muslims”, but to the Assyrians, they represent the “average Muslim” population that oppressed their communities for centuries, so the woman’s pleas (valid or not) fall on deaf ears. I came across the results of an enquiry that was a part of larger study called:

The Church of Sweden encounter with Islam
An account of the responses to an enquiry,
January 1997

that was completed twelve years ago. The findings of the study underline the significance of the article, that Assyrian Christians do not have a positive view of Islam or Muslims. I feel that it’s solely due to having lived for centuries in Muslim lands as dhimmis, and forced to shoulder the burden of victimization and discrimination. Here is what the study said about the Assyrians:

Some parishes point out that the presence in their area of Syrian-Orthodox members is a complicating factor in relation to Islam, since this group often has a strongly negative attitude towards Islam. As far as the Church of Sweden is concerned, they prefer to give priority to their relationship with their Christian fellow-believers.

Also note worthy, is the Swedish article’s mentioning of racism where the Muslim family is concerned, when in fact, it’s a question of bigotry. How in the world could it be racism, if the people who are hurling the insults are from the same ethnic group and region? This is nothing more than a foreign dispute being carried out in a domestic setting, this time around, no matter how wrong it is, some Assyrians believe they have the upper hand, and want to keep it that way. KGS

H/T: Reinhard Fomi

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  1. Ain’t karma a bitch? I don’t feel sorry for them at all. The Syrians are predominately Christians and have for centuries in their countries of origin, suffered persecution at the hands of Mulims. As for the free Swedish media, what’s left of it, due to it being in the hands of left-wing journalists, who in the name of free speech take every chance to promote and favor the Muslim cause, it has very little credibility on these issues. The following story fully explaines the tragedy taking place here due to the insane policies of leftist meatheads. This week, a considerible blow was dealt to an important symbol of the leftist movement and their struggle to allow more people from Muslim countries into Sweden. In the spring of 2008, there was a deportation order against Farid Habibi and some of his countrymen, which generated into the “Let Farid stay” campaign. Media and politicians, including the Social Democratic youth movements leader, Jytte Gute, Reza Javid from the Social Democratic Party and Kalle Larsson from the Communist party, were outraged at the Swedish Immigration Boards decision and pushed for an annulment, so they could stay. This became also the case, however, on monday, Farid Habibi was sentenced to be expelled due to a criminal sentence handed down by The Växjö District Court, that found him guilty of raping a Swedish woman earlier this year.

    The following is the sob story from the “Let Farid Stay” campaign, published in the independent leftist-news journal, Yelah, which then spread to the rest of the left-wing media, “Three doors are unlocked and then locked again behind me before I enter the room where I will meet Farid Habibi and Nobahar Marufkhil. But I can only see one of them at a time. Farid Habibi is wearing a yellow and black kerchief and a black leather jacket, and he is seated on a sofa. While we talk, a phrase is repeated over and over: ‘I do not know what to do, I do not know what to do. How can they do this to me? I will not survive in Afghanistan. I do not know what to do.’ “Farid is from Paktia Province, where he lived with his parents and siblings. One night when Farid was 18, some unknown men with weapons entered their home. They accused Farids father of working for the Americans and said they would take him with them. His father tried in vain to dismiss the allegations as not true. The family tried to stop the men. Farid shows a scar on his nose.” ‘They injured me and I had to be in hospital for two months.’ “

    Here is an appeal Farid made on the homepage of the Social Democratic Party’s youth organization. “I hope that Sweden will help me. I am 100 percent sure that I will die if i’m sent back. People in Sweden are good, but the Immigration Board and the police do not understand. Don’t they have children of their own? If their children ended up in my situation, how would they feel? “

    In a statement Jytte Gute, the leader of the Social Democratic youth organization, explained that “it would be horrendous if Farid Habibi was not allowed to stay in Sweden. The Immigration Board needs to change its assessment for the sake of Farid’s and others in his situation. It is not worthy Swedish solidarity to deport people back to the disastrous situation in Afghanistan.”

    On April 10, 2008 the Immigration board changed its decision and allowed Farid Habibi to stay, and within a year, Sweden had benefited from one more Muslim of many, in the rape statistics. On Monday the 9th of March, 2009 (approximately a year later) he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and a 5 years expulsion from the country (in effect only 3 years as prison time will be counted of the time of expulsion) for raping a Swedish women, who he had picked up and offered a car ride home. The woman who had mistaken him for an illegal cabdriver, was brutaly raped and assaulted in the car.


  2. What’s the big deal? It’s only verbal abuse.

  3. No kidding. Assyrians get killed, raped, enslaved, plundered, extorted, and have their land stolen and Mohammednas have the nerve to take issue with thm calling a spade a spade? that is the height of narcissism. There is no difference between a fundamentalist and a ‘moderate’ Mohammedan-corm at the end of the day anyway. Their loyalties an their zakat money all end up in the same place. They all have the same vision and the same goals, and they all sexually enslave all their females. You’re either a Mohammedan or you’re not. It’s the most goup-thinking cult in history, so there’s no point in not painting them with a broad brush. It’s just a good cop/bad cop scheme.

  4. I am so happy that the muslims in sweden are now getting back some of their own medicine from the Assyrian Christians, it certainly deserves them right after they have attacked the small long established Jewish community of Sweden, especially targetting the 700 Jews of Malmo, making their lives so miserable that many families have already left for Stockholm which is a little less dangerous for them, while other's have left for the relative safety of denmark and for the much safer place of Helsinki in Finland and of course Israel.

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