Islamic pedophilia Saudi News 1

Prophet Mohamed Pedophilia Update…….

A Tundra Tabloids special:
Saudi News1 Interview with:
Dr.Ahmad Al Mu’Bi, Saudi Marriage officiant

Saudi News1: Now tell me Ahmed,
what’s the official line on marriage
here in the Kingdom concerning kids?

A moment’s pause…….

Saudi News1: You mean that modern Muslims
should follow the the role model of the prophet (pbuh)
and can marry a prepubescent girl?

A moment pause…….

Saudi News1: Ok, but please tell our infidel audience,
how old was the tiny tot when Mohamed (pbuh) had his way with her?


Saudi News1:Did you get that, you infidels in Finland,
especially State prosecuter, Jorma Kalske?

Why are you prosecuting Helsinki councilman
Jussi Halla-aho for telling the truth?

Real interview translated by MEMRI

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