Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism Kristin Halvorsen Norway

Norwegian Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen at Anti-Israel Demonstration…….


Norwegian Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen all smiles during anti-Israel demonstration

Sign reads: “The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel.” Also, Halvorsen’s fellow travelers were also shouting “kill the Jews” at the same demo.
Note: Norway’s newspaper Dagbladet links to TT post

The Tundra Tabloids’ two blog-posts about the article in the J’lem Post concerning the rise of anti-Semitism in Norway, has hit a rather sore spot with some Norwegians. But not all of the responses have been negative. Commenter, Brent from Norway, has this to add about the situation in the land of Edvard Grieg.

H/T: Brent from Norway for the pic

Sadly enough, it is true that anti-Israel attitudes in Norway is both increasing and to some extent turning into anti-Semitism. There are several reasons for this. One is the radical increase in the number of Muslims being allowed to enter Norway and live for free on its irresponsible welfare system. Left wing political parties try to accommodate Islamic attitudes in order to gain or keep their votes (83 % of the Muslim community vote on socialist parties). And that means to some extent supporting anti-Semitism.Another, larger, reason is the left wing takeover of the media, both newspapers and TV. Almost all journalists in Norway today are socialists; a situation has existed for 30 years now. There is not a single “rightwing” newspaper left in Norway today! This situation has of cause resulted in objectivity losing out to unbalanced leftist subjectivity. And since left-wingers really never liked Israel anyway (they are too successful, and left wingers neither like successful people nor successful countries), fostering of anti-Israel attitudes has been a left wing agenda for at least three decades. We find the same situation in universities all over the country.

The result is that anti-Israel attitudes is no longer a phenomenon isolated to left wing radicals and neo-Nazi “rednecks” (called “extreme right wing”, but they of cause belong to the left). Today a vast majority of social democrats strongly dislike Israel, and this dislike has infiltrated all political parties and the populace at large, so that today there are probably more Norwegians with anti-Israel attitudes than not.

By this I mean people that dislike or do not trust Israel, but instead support Palestinians, and hold that Israel in large is the cause of trouble in the Middle East, not Hamas and/or the Palestinians. In fact, a poll published January 27th 2009 (Dagbladet) showed that 50 % of all Norwegians are antagonistic towards Israel. Not only that: Even before the war in Gaza an opinion poll showed that 18 % of the Norwegian population no longer recognise Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign state, and the proportion in the age group between 18 and 25 with this opinion is 35 %. An alarmingly high proportion!The situation is far worse among politicians. Today there are only two political parties left (represented in Parliament), where anti-Israel attitudes do not dominate: the Progressive Party and the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party. The other parties are becoming more and more antagonistic towards Israel, and more and more willing to “go to bed” with Islamist radicals. This is especially true of the Socialist Left Party, the radical socialist party to which Kristin Halvorsen, the Minister of Finance, belongs.

The fact that Halvorsen willingly participated in a hateful anti-Israel demonstration (before it became violent, which such demonstrations often do after “the elite” leaves the scene) is not accidental. It is on the contrary a classic case of how Norwegian radical socialists behave. Those who disbelieves that a socialist Government Minister in Norway would be irresponsible enough to engage in such a hateful demonstration, please visit // and scroll down to (the first) picture.

The picture shows Halvorsen amongst the demonstrators and on the poster is written (translated): “The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel.” Among the slogans repeatedly shouted were: “Død over jødene!” meaning: “Death to the Jews!” If Halvorsen had disagreed with such a view, she would have left the scene in protest. But she did not; despite her high position. She stayed on, and thus acted as a kind of “ambassador” for this horrible view. Halvorsen is guilty as charged!Still, there are signs that plausibly show that the tide is about to turn in Norway. The violent demonstrations in Oslo, followed by unabashed demands by radical elements in the Muslim community (halal food in supermarkets and for all prisoners whether they are Muslims or not, use of hijab in the police force, the removal of freedom of speech in religious matters) seems to, at least to some degree, have awakened the people. Many Norwegians are starting to realize what Islam really is (at least its radical version), and that the problems are mounting up on their own doorstep, not just in faraway countries.

This new trend is indicated by that fact that after the leader of the Progressive Party (Siv Jensen) openly showed her and her party’s support to Israel, AND strongly opposed the above mentioned demands from radical Muslims and socialists, polls have dramatically increased the support to Progressive Party. Also opinion building via Internet and blogging is on the rise. A new arena not controlled by socialist journalists.Best regards

Bent (Oslo, Norway)

UPDATE: Jerusalem Post pulls original article, same charges still remain, that Norway has serious problems, and both the political elite as well as the media are in denial of the problem. As the TT reported yesterday, Kristin Halverson was wrongly portrayed as uttering anti-Jewish statements, but far from being exonerated that she wasn’t in the company of those uttering anti-Semitic remarks.

In 2006, demonstrating against the Israeli defensive action inside Lebanon, Halverson was most certainly among those shouting “death to Jews”, as commenter “Bent from Norway” stated earlier. Either way, Halverson has a history of being with people shouting anti-Semitic statements.

Commenter, Bert Karsam states: “What a big load of crap! There is absolutely no public antisemitism in Norway non-what-so-ever, it is an outright lie! F*cking right wing fanatics!!!”

Well, Karsam’s statements don’t convince the TT one iota, where there are Muslims protesting Jews, there’s bound to be anti-Semitic remarks and signs, that I am sure of. Bent’s comments about the 2006 anti-Israel protests are proof of that.

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids is always 100% for the full facts, and as the dust settles on this story, it’s satisfied that both sides got to tell their versions in a factual way. As best as can be ascertained, excluding Halverson’s not uttering anti-Semitic statements during the demo, the original facts to the story remained unchanged.
What is also of interest, is the reaction of the Norwegians who strongly objected to the entire story. Well, the Tundra Tabloids must ask these dissenting Norwegians, what does it feel like to have one’s own country in the center of media storm, depicted negatively, and having the sinking and yet, angry feeling that it’s reputation is being sullied?
Take that feeling, justified or not, and times it by a thousand, and then you’ll come close to how Jews, Israelis and their supporters feel on a daily basis, due to an overtly biased international media in its reporting on the Israeli-Arab conflict, and on Israel in general.
It’s good to hear that most Norwegians are not anti-Israel, they must have become used to the monopoly of the far Left on the media and have learned to read between the lines, much in the same way the Soviets used to read Pravda. It’s the exact same way most Finns read their capital’s paper, the Helsingin Sanomat. KGS

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  1. “Take that feeling, justified or not, and times it by a thousand, and then you’ll come close to how Jews, Israelis and their supporters feel on a daily basis.”

    To put oneself in other people’s shoes is a healthy exercise. Have you tried to picture how it feels to be a normal, hard working and honest Muslim immigrant reading this blog?

  2. The TT has strong connections with Muslims Against Sharia organization, and they have never once complained about the information available here. Quite the contrary.

    So get back to the issue at hand.

  3. “As best as can be ascertained, excluding Halverson’s not uttering anti-Semitic statements during the demo, the original facts to the story remained unchanged”.

    Now his was not excatly a minor fact, was it? The finance minister (ignorant as she might be) attended a peace demonstration where someone shouted “death to the jews”. She did not shout it, and if she had done so she would have been ousted from office. When thousands of people meet on a public place, it is hard to keep racists from showing up. But you can not hold the finance minister accountable for their actions.

    As for the accuracy of the original j-post article: You have to acknowledge that this was bad journalism. Today several leading Norwegian jews have come forward and said they are appaled by it. One of them (a holocaust survivor) was interviews for the article, but his contraticting view were not included! How´s that for balance?

    I completely agree and understand your point about international media coverage on Israel, though. But that does not make this innacurate and unbalanced article about Norway any better, does it?

  4. I disagree with our Minister of Finance in her views on Israel’s action, and her wish to boycott Israel. I would never for a second believe that she would cry “Death to the Jews”, though. That is so cruel and crude, that it is unthinkable. She is a compassionate woman, whose heart goes out to Palestinian children.

    That there are others, basically Arabs, that did shout that, is another matter.

    I will not pretend that everything is as it should be, though. I think most Jews in Norway live fairly quitely, to avoid drawing attention to themselves, but I do not think they are afraid of Norwegians. Any fear they might feel would probably be of Arabs. Norwegians do not have any issues with Norwegian Jews, and are also in general very peaceful. A former President of our Parliament, Jo Benkow (Benkowitz) was openly Jewish, and well loved and respected. Just a years ago there was a ceremony at my children’s school, in memory of three Jewish children that were deported to Germany during the second world war. I was concerned that nobody would show up, so I dragged my husband and my children with me, only to be left standing because it was absolutely packed with people, so we had to make sure the oldest participants would get the chairs. Jews have a lot of sympathy in Norway.

    What would have bothered me, had I been Jewish, is the massive condemnation of Israel and Israeli politics. I understand that most Norwegians who have been fed with anti-Israeli propaganda for 30 years, and who by instinct take the weaker side, should be upset by the war in Gaza.

    I would still think that this would be very painful for Norwegian Jews.

    I am going to Eilat day after tomorrow, and the fact that I have not told more than a few very close friends speaks volumes. One of my friends even asked me if this was politically correct. Since I have been in Spain under Franco, in the Soviet Union under Bresjnev and in Cuba under Fidel Castro I think I have proved that I do not chose by politically correctness. It is however a political act on my part. This is me saying: I hear there are people who disagree with Israeli politics, and I do not allways support everything the government does myself, but I happen to like not only Jews in general, but also Israelis. I am looking forward to going!

  5. Im am sorry to say, acctually most norwegians are in fact anti-israel. Most norwegians are also anti-islamic terror, anti-north korean nuclear power, anti-chineese brutalities in tibet and also anti-nazi, anti-imperialism, anti-cannibalists etc. That we are harsh on an western country obviously trying to expand their borders to a set target(the old judea and israel) with military force doesnt make us anti-semmitic more than condemning north-korea makes us anti-asian. Stop this nonsence. Israel even has nuclear-weapons, and every objective human beeing can see whats going on here. The elite in the US are made up of a lot of jewish people and therefore the US supports them no mather what they do. If Israel had used all its aid on other things than weapons from the US it could have payd every single palestinian over 50 000$ to move out of the old judea and israel. Three words, business as usual… Cheers from Norway

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