Anti-Israel Protests Malmö Sweden

Malmö Davis Cup Riots…….

Fresh from Pamela at Atlas via Spencer at Jihad Watch

Doing what they do best

AFA storm troopers create mayhem at the Baltiska Hallen

Atlas: UPDATE: The leftists are there – the communist AFA but also Neo Nazis and the Muhammadans of Malmö, basically all Jew haters. (video hat tip Spencer)

Also, an eye witness at the scene, Ted Ekeroth, tells the TT that the crowd was shouting:
Death to the Jews. Yelling… Yahud!
so you know that they were Muslims.

4 Responses

  1. In other words a jolly little soiree for the scum of society. I predicted it would come to this. Once again the taxpayer is left with the tab due to the failure of cowardly braindead politicians. On the evening news here, they briefly commentated (showing hardly any film coverage at all of the rioting) then brushed it away with “it was not as bad as had been expected”. In the linked video it’s absurd to watch law enforcement sit passively inside their Vehicles as masked hooligans tear away at their windscreen wipers and rear-view mirrors. This is a sad day for Swedish society as extremists have shown that not only can they disrupt major events with threats of vandalism and civil disorder, they even get away with the very thing, and in front of the noses of those ordained to keep the law.

  2. During the last quarter, you can actually just see the policemen sitting in their van as three rioters rip off the wing-mirror, and another gets on the roof and kicks off the lights and sirens as sections of the crowd scream ‘Allahuakbar!’

    They must have been ordered not to act, as with the recent riots in London, and as the commenter above notes the taxpayer will be left to foot the bill.

    This is an outrage. These people should be in jail then on the next plane to a country with a government more to their liking.

  3. Thanks Free Thinker and Earl of Cromer, I appreciate both your insights. Passivity in the face of violence only serves to embolden them to greater acts of violence. Truly disgusting display.

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