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Libyan Government Newspaper Attacks Arab League……!

The Arab League is starting to unravel!
Arab imperialism and racism revealed

Wall flower Gaddafi reads from his list of grievances:
  1. Just because you’re real Arabs doesn’t make you more important than us Africans
  2. Just because you’re real Arabs doesn’t make you superior to us Africans
  3. Just because you’re real Arabs doesn’t make you more Muslim than us Africans
  4. Just because you’re real Arabs doesn’t mean you can treat Africans like second class people
  5. Just because you’re real Arabs doesn’t mean you ……..

H/T: Baron Bodissey Gates of Vienna


(ANSAmed) – TRIPOLI, MARCH 23 – During the next Arab League summit on March 30 in Doha, it will be the Arab countries of the Maghreb on one side and the classic or eastern Arab countries on the other, according to the Libyan government daily Al Shames (The sun) which underlined that the first group is ‘discriminated against’ by the second.

The article writes that “the eastern Arab countries are the most important members of the Arab League, which does not unite but which divides, while the Arab Maghreb countries are marginal members which are only invited to complete the quorum and to satisfy the meetings’ requirements”. Al Shames continues its attack, writing: “The countries of the Maghreb are invited as observers only, to complete the decoration of ceremony and Protocol”.

The five north African countries which formed the Arab Maghreb Union in February 1989 with the Marrakech Treaty feel treated as second-class countries according to Al Shames. The daily suggests the Union participate to the Doha meeting as part of the block with the countries on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea called “Dialogue 5+5” .

This has hints of Berber discord written all over it. The Arab world is crumbling around their sandals? KGS

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  1. Yeah. I think that the farther you get from Mecca and the more your dialect changes from classical Arabic the less Muslim you are. It’s kind of a rule or something.

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