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Czech Republic: Undercover Video Report as a Muslim in Prague…….

Islamization in a nutshell
“There is a dynamic limit–when it’s exceeded, the community starts to profile itself, to isolate itself from its environment and to demand more from the state.”
The Tundra Tabloids highly recommends this three part video investigative report from the Czech Republic, in which a man infiltrates a mosque and video tapes the discussions he had with its members, as well as relating his own experiences.

Like the Baron states, this is an excellent example of why Islam cannot be deemed a religion, but as a totalitarian political ideology. The Tundra Tabloids recently had a discussion with a Finnish theological researcher in Helsinki who was completely amazed by a similar worded statement of mine concerning his comparing Islam with other religions.

The TT: “Your mistake is trying to compare Islam with Christianity, Judaism and other religions, because Islam is first and foremost political, as well as being a social, economic, militarily movement dressed in the robes of religion.”

Here is a portion Baron Bodissey gleans from the documentary that proves how these Islamic fundamentalists/traditionalists will try to impose their political pseudo-religious authority over the rest of the non-Muslim society. It’s not a plot, but a natural development when Islam gains a serious enough foothold into a non-Muslim host society. KGS

“The truth is that if Muslims practice Islam and expand to become a majority in some country, and the Muslims there are educated in Islam, then they will try to impose the Islamic law on society. That’s logical.“That is the aim of any political party that comes to power. It’s enforcing its own ideas on how to rule over society.”

Baron Bodissey: “The above quote from a Muslim cleric in Prague is telling. It brings a refreshing clarity to the debate, and demonstrates quite clearly that Geert Wilders is right: Islam is not a religion; it is a totalitarian political ideology.”

Part II

Part III

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