Bosnia Islamic Intolerance Muslim-Christian Relations

Bosnia-Herzegovina: To Improve Islamic Christian Relations, Chuch Has Got To Go…….

Islam: If you want good relations,
then leave

Bosnian Christians: Since the move, things have been quieter

H/T: aeneas lavinium

Church moved for muslims

Church leaders are spending 100,000 GBP moving a chapel half a mile – so it doesn’t offend Muslims. The Orthodox church was built on the site of a derelict mosque in Divic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and is being taken away to improve relations with local Muslim worshippers. Builders will spend a week driving the church to its new location on a massive low loader truck.

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  1. Sure. That should work. Any chance of all the Mosques in the Muslim world which are built on Christian Churches being… oh never mind.

    I bet that relations will improve dramatically. Lets just wait and see.

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