Catmeat Sheik. Lying Muslims

Australia: Cat Meat Sheik Caught Live on Security Camera Vandalizing Mosque Then Frames Innocent Man……!

Taj din Al Hilali: It’s all a trick! You’re a liar!

From the “You can’t make this up even if you tried” department.

A Muslim cleric vandalizes his own mosque then frames an innocent man to the police. It’s mosque election time and the highly controversial cleric who made international fame for declaring women who dressed less than what is deemed appropriate by Islam, guilty for their own rape- wants to up his popularity with his followers. So what does he do?

Taj din al Hilali pretends to take action against “radicals” at his mosque, and then frames one of them in the process. But that’s not all, he’s caught live on the mosque’s own security camera! Check it out! This is very fresh news, at the time the Baron from the Gates of Vienna gave me the heads up on it, it only had 32 views.