Palestinian Unity Government Talks on Verge of Collapse…….

Hamas hasn’t learned yet from Fattah

Fattah’s Azzam al-Ahmed:
Nodding your head yes, doesn’t mean you agree,
what’s so hard to understand? Hamas is so blatantly open blinded with their genocidal agenda for Israel, that they are oblivious to the tried and true methods used by Fattah, in its own dialogue with Israel and the West. How many times have the PLO cum PA nodded yes to the Israelis-West’s proposals, signed the dotted line, then continue on as before with their terrorism while playing the victim when Israel is forced to defend itself?One serious sign that the road is going to get a bit more rocky for Israel, is if the Hamas does in fact tone down its retoric, and begin acting in the same way as Fattah, nodding yes, but behind closed doors, plotting an escalation of terrorism against the Jewish state. But presently, Hamas is more concerned with maintaining the status quo, which means competing with Fattah for every square centimeter under Pali control. KGSPA unity negotiations near collapse

Hamas and Fatah negotiators said on Thursday they are having difficulty reaching an agreement over the makeup and political program of a Palestinian unity government. Sharp differences erupted between the two parties during the Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks that began in Cairo earlier this week, they said. […]Ibrahim Abu al-Naja, a senior Fatah official participating in the discussions at a secret Egyptian security installation, said the main dispute with Hamas was over the makeup and political program of the proposed PA government. While Fatah supported an Egyptian proposal that called for a government of independent figures, Hamas was insisting that its representatives be part of the cabinet, he said. “Fatah believes that it is in the interest of the Palestinians to have a government of technocrats who don’t belong to any political faction,” Abu al-Naja continued. “This way we won’t have one faction imposing its political agenda on the government.” […]According to the Fatah official, differences have also erupted with Hamas over the timing of presidential and legislative elections, as well as the reconstruction of the Palestinian security forces. The three thorny issues concerning the government, security and elections had been referred to a higher committee that included representatives of Hamas and Fatah, Abu al-Naja said. […]Hamas was also strongly opposed to the reappointment of outgoing PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad as head of the unity government, he said. Barhoum and other Hamas spokesmen reacted angrily to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s demand that a new Hamas-Fatah government accept the conditions of the Middle East Quartet, namely recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing terrorism and accepting all agreements between the PLO and Israel. “Who said that we are going to form a government just to appease the Americans?” Barhoum asked. “The main reason for schism in the Palestinian arena is US meddling in our internal affairs.” Taher a-Nunu, spokesman for the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, said he wasn’t optimistic about the Cairo talks. Fatah’s demand that the next PA government accept the PLO’s political agenda, which supports the two-state solution, was unacceptable, he said. “Fatah wants a government that accepts the two-state solution, and this is something that Hamas can’t and will never accept,” Nunu said. “We are prepared to accept a Palestinian state in the 1967 boundaries only as a temporary solution, without recognizing the Zionist occupation of any inch of our homeland.”

NOTE: Fattah is as trusty of a “peace partner” as is Hamas. Where they disagree concerning Israel, can only be measured in degrees, both want desperately to get rid of the Jewish state, it’s just a matter of the how and the when, not the why.Here’s proof. Just in from PMW March 12 Bulletin:
PA TV celebrates most murderousterror attack in Israel’s history by Itamar Marcus and Barbara CrookThe most murderous Palestinian terror attack in Israel’s history was carried out on March 11, 1978 when a bus was hijacked and 37 civilians were killed. The Palestinian Authority celebrated this attack yesterday on the anniversary of the hijacking, with an hour long TV special about the terror attack. The program included file film of PLO training camps, and interviews with a number of terrorists describing the planning and implementation of the attack. The program opened with the narrator glorifying the attack as: “… one of the most important and most prominent special actions, executed by the Palestinian revolution by sea, on the coast between Haifa and Tel Aviv. This action, which was carried out by a group of heroes and led by the heroic fighter Dalal Mughrabi, had a great impact on continuing events of the Arab-Israeli conflict.” [PATV (Fatah) March 11 2009]KGS: Peace partner indeed.

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